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2021 content marketing resource Yearbook From Tencent advertising

The following is the 2021 content marketing resource Yearbook From Tencent advertising recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, network marketing.

In the era of attention fragmentation, how can a brand establish a strong connection with users through content? At the beginning of the new year, how to grasp the new trend of content and make marketing more successful?

On the occasion of the Spring Festival, “Tencent advertising 2021 content marketing resources Yearbook” is heavily released, integrating the core resources of five categories of video, music, news, sports and games in 2021, helping advertisers to enjoy the goose factory’s ace resource lineup in one stop and unlock the new opportunity of growth in the year of the ox.

Video – Tencent video’s heavyweight content layout has been fully opened. The three categories of content highlight the unique value of variety show. Diversified breakthroughs lead the new trend of big drama. Top quality content, such as Guoman IP, documentary, children, etc., have landed at the same time. News – Tencent News focuses on the five major content tracks of “national style culture”, “realistic humanities”, “commercial civilization”, “women’s power” and “youth new trend” with the content of “attacking” the heart. It also gathers diversified information marketing, and gathers attention with trust value for the brand by integrating commerce into touching and beautiful content.

Music – Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) explores the new increment of music whole scene marketing by aggregating the four major fields of “campus field”, “grand ceremony field”, “live field” and “theme field” to resonate with the young generation on the same frequency.

Sports – Tencent sports, together with various platforms of Tencent, launched the “ecological group war” to release the influence of the whole scene of the Olympic Games through cross category content ecology. And in the field of vertical content, we also make efforts in basketball, football, ice and snow, E-sports and many other tracks to help the brand connect users in an all-round way.

Video games – the massive games and video games IP created by Tencent mutual entertainment create a young “new potential field”, tell brand stories in the language of the young generation, and drive the “explosive” growth of the brand.

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