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2021 demand generation Benchmark Report From Demand Gen Report

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Demand Gen report and rollworks jointly released the “2021 demand generation benchmark report”. All enterprises expect that their revenue will grow steadily in 2021.

33% of respondents expect their income to increase by 1% – 10%;

29% of respondents expect their income to increase by 11% – 20%;

27% of respondents expect revenue growth to exceed 20%.

Requirement generation objectives

In the 1-5 point system, the most important one is 5. Each enterprise prioritizes its demand generation in 2020 as follows:

Increase conversion (3.87)

Weight over quantity (3.82)

Establish correct contact according to target customers (3.72)

Production increased (3.68)

Improve our ability to measure and analyze market impact (3.67)

To support these revenue growth plans, respondents identified priorities for 2021:

The conversion rate was increased (70%);

Establish correct contact according to target customers (63%);

Focus on quality rather than quantity (62%);

Improve the ability to measure and analyze marketing impact (61%);

Improve sales / marketing consistency (60%).

When asked about strategic budget priorities for 2021, most respondents mentioned account based marketing (61%), followed by content marketing (60%). The survey found that 46% of respondents plan to test and / or deploy the ABM strategy in 2021.

In terms of demand priorities, most marketers want to better measure their return on investment (44%), while linking the marketing and sales departments to the go to market program (42%). 29% of respondents said they were moving from number of potential customers and MQL generation to generating more high-quality requirements.

When asked how to cope with the quality and quantity challenges of demand driven planning, respondents pointed out that:

Actively communicate with sales staff to ensure follow-up of potential customers (67%);

Implement customer based marketing to ensure the right stakeholders (47%);

Using intention data to better evaluate potential customers who are actively studying to buy (42%);

A / B test messaging to ensure content resonates with target audience (40%);

Extensive identification of potential customers using BDR / SDR team (31%).

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