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2021 digital promotion index of Chinese snacks From Ali Research Institute

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Recently, Liuzhou snail powder has been on the hot search, realizing the legend of changing from traditional characteristic product “Butterfly” to “net red food”. China is a country of delicious food. There are thousands of famous local snacks in China. What is the most popular snack in China? This problem is a bit dangerous, because the taste preference is subjective, and people tend to favor the special snacks from their hometown, so we must coronate the most popular snacks in China in a “more scientific” way.

On April 27, at the “2021 first Chinese snack Festival and the fourth Chinese snack industry development conference” held in Chengdu, Ali local life new service Research Center released the “digital empowerment: snack industry – 2021 digital promotion index report of Chinese snacks”, which investigated the number of foreign merchants of snack products and the proportion of foreign merchants in the total number of Chinese merchants, In order to judge how “out of the circle” the snack has in the whole country, so as to determine the most popular snack in China.

According to the data, Chongqing snacks account for two of the top ten popular national snacks in China, which are hot and sour noodles and Xiaomian; Shaanxi snacks also occupy two seats, which are Liangpi (second place) and rougamo (fourth place). Shanxi’s sliced noodles are among the top three among Chongqing’s and Shaanxi’s snacks. Jiangsu Yangzhou fried rice, Xinjiang Dapan chicken and Guangxi Liuzhou snail powder ranked fifth to seventh, while Sichuan Dandan noodles and Gansu Lanzhou Ramen took the last two seats in the top ten.

Chongqing hot and sour powder ranked first, not satisfied with the service? Chongqing and Shaanxi snacks account for almost half of the top ten, do you agree? From the data point of view, Shaanxi and Chongqing are the two provinces with the strongest “out of the circle” degree of local snacks in China, and the digital promotion index far exceeds Shanxi, which ranks third. In fact, in our daily life and take out orders, we can often see hot and sour noodles, small noodles, cold noodles with shredded chicken and Dengying Beef from Chongqing, cold skin, rougamo, mutton steamed bread and Qishan saozi noodles from Shaanxi.

In terms of the distance of “going out of the circle”, Xinjiang Dapan chicken and Heilongjiang roasted cold noodles are no less“ In Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, thousands of kilometers away from Xinjiang, the platform has more than 40000 merchants mainly engaged in “Xinjiang DaPanJi”, with a total of more than 32 million single product orders in 2020; And the baking cold noodles are following the “old fellow” enthusiasm for the sunshine and beach, across the whole country to “settle down” in Hainan. “Hungry” platform has nearly 300 merchants in Hainan who have baked cold noodles. In 2020, the order of single products accumulated nearly 220 thousand.

In a whole map of China, every province can find its own snacks, from pancake fruit in Tianjin to snail powder in Guangxi, from double skin milk in Guangdong to donkey meat in Hebei, from stinky tofu in Changsha, Hunan to beef jerky in Inner Mongolia. Chinese people can always find their own “internal flavor”.

In the Chinese snack diet, “staple food” dominates, which fully proves that “carbon water is happiness”“ The “noodle” category scored the highest, with more than 35% of the merchants mainly engaged in noodle category“ However, the proportion of foreign merchants was the highest, reaching 90%. Stuffing and soup porridge are relatively small, which may be closely related to the inconvenient distribution and the better flavor of ready-made products.

It doesn’t matter who comes first in Chongqing hot and sour noodles or Shaanxi Liangpi. What’s important is that the busy “migrant workers” can always find comfort in their hometown after a busy day’s life, eat cheap and good food, and then compare with the people around them to find out whose hometown snacks are more delicious. Snack is a big industry and a big livelihood. How to play a good snack in the digital era, our interpretation is not finished.

Now, let’s leave today’s question. Interested fans can make a PK on the message board: which is the most popular Sichuan snack: Chuanbei cold noodles, Yibin burning noodles, longchaoshou, Dandan noodles, Zhongshui dumplings and laitangyuan?

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