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2021 digital technology frontier application trend From Tencent Research Institute

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The following is the 2021 digital technology frontier application trend From Tencent Research Institute recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: 5g industry, artificial intelligence, Strategic emerging industries, research report.

The report was initiated by Tencent Research Institute and interviewed authoritative experts in the industry, as well as Tencent’s AI Lab, multimedia lab, map platform department, anti-virus lab, Cohen lab, quantum lab and robotics The leaders and scientists of X laboratory, Tencent cloud blockchain, Tianyan laboratory, future network laboratory, Xibo laboratory, Yunding laboratory, Youtu laboratory and autopilot laboratory made a prospect for the application of cutting-edge technology in the near future, including 14 forward-looking trend predictions.

Mr. Ma Huateng, chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer of Tencent, prefaces the report. The following is the full text of the preface:

Light up the fire of new technology


Chairman and CEO of Tencent

Science and technology is undoubtedly an important driving force for economic growth, social development and the construction of a better life. The novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak has brought about a continuous impact on human’s daily work and life in the past year. Digital technology has become a “hard core” force in China’s fight against the epidemic.

We can see that with the help of the “new infrastructure”, from the consumer Internet to the industrial Internet, the recovery and growth of the economy and society are being boosted in an all-round way. New application scenarios such as intelligent auxiliary diagnosis, remote conference, online learning, cloud exhibition, Internet factory and contactless distribution continue to emerge. Online and offline integration is accelerating, and all kinds of innovative technologies are penetrating rapidly in all walks of life.

This “2021 digital technology frontier application trend” report not only has the prospect of AI, blockchain, quantum technology and other general technology fields, but also has insight into the innovative application of digital technology in vertical industries such as health care, transportation and travel. The report also points out that with the popularity of “cloud computing and digital intelligence” and the development of industrial Internet, the security field is facing new challenges and changes. At the same time, a virtual and real world is coming closer and closer to us.

Digital technology, represented by the Internet, is moving towards a new critical point. With the application of new software, hardware and communication network in different scenarios, the mode of human-computer interaction and information environment may have a disruptive change. The Internet is no longer just the connection of the virtual world, it will be committed to helping users achieve a comprehensive and real application experience, creating a “full real Internet” that integrates online and offline, and integrates virtual and reality.

In the past half century, digital technology has been changing with each passing day. With the evolution from mainframe to personal computer (PC) and from PC to smart phone, we have also developed from PC Internet to mobile Internet. In the era of mobile Internet, the consumer Internet and industrial Internet are developing in an all-round way, which is the basis for us to move towards “true Internet”. Today, the practitioners who are fighting in the front line of digital industry need to study hard and be fully prepared for technology update and industrial change with awe.

Science and technology is a kind of ability, good is a choice. The purpose and ultimate goal of scientific and technological development is people-oriented, so that people can live a better and happy life. Tencent adheres to the mission and vision of “user oriented, science and technology for the good”, which means breathing with the times, sharing the destiny with the country, promoting scientific and technological innovation to meet the urgent needs of the economy and society, achieving higher quality development, striving to help every ordinary user share the dividends brought by digital technology, and helping more people become participants in a new round of global science and technology and industrial revolution And the beneficiaries.

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