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2021 digital white paper on residential real estate From Digital win win

The following is the 2021 digital white paper on residential real estate From Digital win win recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Boston Consulting, Life data, research report.

The report points out that driven by market supply and demand, technology and policy, China’s residential real estate industry will enter a new era of digital and fine operation with low growth and consumer as the core.

On the supply side, real estate development will enter the stock operation period of peaking area and stabilizing price. The report predicts that in 2028, China’s housing population will decrease from 690 million in 2018 to 570 million, a decrease of 20%, and the per capita living area will be about 44 square meters, reaching the level of moderately developed countries; in 2022, China will reach the highest peak of real estate development, about 1.5 billion square meters.

In terms of demand, consumers are more subdivided, and new middle-class families, post-90s, independent women and other emerging customers are rising. The report points out that the proportion of middle-class and above families [1] has increased from 3% in 2009 to 14% in 2019, and is expected to reach 27% in 2030. In the future, 50% of new upper class middle-class and above families will emerge in the fourth to seventh tier cities. At the same time, the post-90s young consumers accelerate into the housing market, young women are the main growth point. In 2020, the proportion of female buyers under 24 years old and 25-29 years old increased by 6.58% and 6.22% respectively compared with 2017, which was significantly higher than that of other age groups.

The needs and preferences of different customer groups also show more diversity and differentiation. On the one hand, the continuous release of consumption potential of the middle class has boosted the continuous upgrading of China’s housing consumption, and the improvement of house exchange has gradually become the mainstream of first-line house purchase. According to the data of Shell Research Institute, 86% of house exchange transactions in 10 major cities in China are improvement of house exchange. On the other hand, more and more home buyers are willing to pay the premium for other functions except residence. For example, after the epidemic, consumers prefer community services and living environment and will continue for a long time. Medium scale communities are more popular, and 65% of consumers prefer medium scale communities of 10-30 buildings.

In terms of technology, the rapid evolution of digital technology, the acceleration of commercialization process and the reduction of cost brought by large-scale application. Digital technology accelerates and penetrates in all walks of life, giving birth to new products, application scenarios and business models.

At the policy level, on the one hand, the main tone of “real estate does not stir up” is to maintain the strength of real estate regulation strategy; on the other hand, the national digital strategy changes from informatization to intellectualization, which brings new challenges and opportunities to the industry and accelerates the transformation of the industry.

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