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2021 enterprise marketing Digital Transformation Research Report From Yiou think tank

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From the paper age, marketing is the eternal topic of enterprises. In 1898, E.S. Lewis, an advertising scientist, put forward the “AIDMA” model, which holds that consumers need to go through five stages from contacting information to purchasing: attracting attention – arousing interest – arousing desire – leaving memory – purchasing action. Obviously, more than 100 years later, this consumption behavior model still has strong representativeness. But with the change of the times, new consumption model began to appear. Behind the changes in the details and the extension of the chain in the models of different times are the changes in the economic form.

Currently in the era of digital economy, enterprises have entered the wave of digital transformation. According to eurothink, digital marketing in the new era refers to the analysis and management of multi-channel marketing data parallel to multi-party data through the integration of a variety of emerging technologies under the changing market demand and environment, so as to achieve the goal of global marketing, assisting enterprise operation and achieving business growth, and landing in more scenarios to help enterprises complete the digital transformation of marketing.

Based on the power of data, enterprises can free themselves from the one-way journey from user cognition to final purchase in the era of Internet marketing. Based on the data collected in the whole process, the enterprise reversely finds the right users, finds the real needs, and forms a two-way cycle.

Although the power of data is strong, it is not a simple process for enterprises to complete the marketing digital transformation. To realize the value of enhancing the end-user experience with data, we need to solve all kinds of “historical problems” of enterprise software architecture, and face the huge cost of long-term and high investment. At present, although the digital transformation of marketing is ahead of the digital transformation of other modules of the enterprise, it is still in a very primary stage. The shortest path and final value of marketing digital transformation still need to be practiced and discussed by enterprises and service providers.

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