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2021 game marketing insight information From Facebook

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The past 12 months have been extremely important for the game industry. While many countries take measures to prevent epidemic at home and keep social distance, the number of new players is increasing rapidly, and the demand for games is unprecedented. The game industry has set off an upsurge around the launch of new works and new generation hosts.

At the same time, we also deeply feel that this year has been particularly difficult for many enterprises and individuals. But if 2020 brings us any enlightenment, it is that life is impermanent, we should learn to face it calmly. In these difficult days, we are fully satisfied with the entertainment needs of the public, so that people can keep in touch with relatives and friends, which we are very proud of.

Looking forward to 2021, when preparing for the new year, many people are most concerned about the impact of 2020. Will the growth momentum continue? How to attract these new players? Advertising ecosystem is constantly changing, but also brings many opportunities to promote people to learn from others, to achieve their own development.

Interpretation of new mobile game players

This part of the report shares insights into new players in key markets (i.e. players who started playing games after March 2020). We focus on the habits, motivations and preferences of these players, and analyze the time they spend on other game devices, consumer behavior and social interaction.

New and old hand game players have in common

Although there are 2.5 billion mobile game players in the world, they all have different interests, behaviors and characteristics, our research found that there are some interesting similarities between new players and old players. In addition, the report also highlights the subtle differences between regions, especially the reasons why players consume in mobile games.

New habits formed by old players

In addition to trying to understand the differences between new and old players, we also analyzed the behavior changes of old players before and after the epidemic. We invite players to use their own words to describe the impact of the epidemic on their game habits.

Why is community more important than ever

With the influx of new players, the regular game activities outside the game have made a certain growth. The number of facebook game groups has grown significantly, live sites have proliferated, and players are looking forward to new works.

Marketing on the platform users are keen to use

We mainly discuss the overall change of consumer behavior in 2020, as well as the impact of maintaining social distance and home epidemic prevention measures on e-commerce. For marketers, this means changing strategies, interacting with players on active media platforms, and creating a sense of intimacy by telling wonderful stories.

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