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The current situation of global aiot industry and the way to break the circle

2020 will be the year for aiot industry to “go out of the circle”, and the commercialization process of aiot will continue to accelerate, becoming a hot tuyere in the capital market. Najingdan shared the following views at the press conference:

1. Driven by the rapid development of IOT industry and 5g, big data and other technologies, the global aiot industry is growing at a high speed, led by China.

2. Platform, application and service layer occupy the largest part of aiot industry value chain.

3. The global IOT PAAS market is in full swing, with an increase of 118% in five years.

4. Smart hotel, long and short rent smart apartment, smart community and smart office building have become the four key IOT PAAS landing scenarios, among which smart community has the largest market scale, accounting for 85%.

Two challenges of aiot industry: platform security and confusion of industry standards

While the Internet of things platform brings technology and convenience to consumers’ life, it also brings data security risks in more links. In addition, another core challenge facing the Internet of things is the incomplete standard system. The diversity of Internet of things connection technology and equipment is one of the reasons for the fragmentation of standards.

The Internet of things industry needs to develop unified standards for security, testing, connection and operation. To solve the security problem depends on the joint efforts of enterprises and the government, including the construction of Internet of things security management system.

Six prospects of aiot industry in 2021

According to the prediction of “2021 global aiot developer ecology white paper”, there are six major development trends in the aiot industry next year: developers will play a key role in the take-off of the aiot industry, aiot open platform will be the main driving force of the industry, cutting-edge new technologies will be further integrated with the Internet of things, and to The Internet of things of industry B will be large-scale, the industrial Internet will help the comprehensive upgrading of manufacturing, and the new infrastructure will accelerate the development of aiot industry.

Generally speaking, in 2021, the aiot industry will continue to maintain a high-speed development trend, and the aiot industry has transited from the period of intelligent single product to the period of ecological platform. The developers decide which ecology can obtain absolute advantages, while the open platform determines which platform can attract enough developers.

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