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2021 global food and beverage trends From Inmant

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With insight into consumer demand and deep-seated reasons, inmate recently released 2021 global food and beverage trends, revealing three major trends of global food, beverage and catering industry, analyzing and insight into the “present” (next 12 months), “near future” (more than 18 months) and “future” (more than 5 years) of consumer behavior, and putting forward suggestions.

Healing the mind: innovative food and beverage formulations will provide psychological and emotional health solutions and lay a new foundation for healthy eating.

Reshaping value: brands will face the challenge of new definitions of trust, quality and “necessities.”.

Food community: people need to seek self-identity and group identity, and food and beverage brands can balance related needs and desires.

Facing the future, Li Chen, deputy director of immt food and beverage, discussed how the changes in consumer behavior related to health, value and identity in the next few years will stimulate the development of formula, packaging and marketing

Healing the mind

In 2021 and beyond, consumers will expect food, beverage and catering brands to provide a sense of product ritual and formula to help consumers relax. As the enthusiasm for purely focusing on epidemic prevention fades, people will be more seriously committed to reducing the health risks associated with unhealthy diet, more interested in conscious and intuitive eating, and will seek evidence and motivation through science and technology.

“The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in the world has made consumers aware of health is the most important thing. In the next few years, consumers will seek more products and services beneficial to psychological and emotional health. “

“Functional formulations and multi sensory products with emotional appeal will help food, beverage and catering brands take a larger share in many psychological and emotional choices. We predict that innovative food and beverage formulations will help people understand how diet can affect mental and emotional health, which will generate new interest in healthy eating based on psychology

Reshape value

Consumers will seek solutions for the emerging “family consumption scenario”. We expect brands and retailers to release products with reasonable prices and ethical or environmental claims, and consumers will raise their expectations of contactless retail and incorporate them into experiential services. In the next few years, more and more brands and operators will provide transparent, efficient and inclusive health food.

“The epidemic has a significant impact on the economy and consumer confidence of consumers. More and more consumers want to return to the value of their products. Consumers are seeking the lowest price to get high-quality products.”

“With the re opening of the market, consumers will return to fast-paced life, and consumers will expect time-saving, hygienic and novel convenience foods, drinks and catering. In the next few years, brands will also face challenges from the new definition of quality and need to ensure that e-commerce is accessible to shoppers from all social and economic sectors. People’s value orientation of value for money will encourage brands to determine product prices more transparently and provide detailed information such as raw material composition and production process. “

Food community

Over the next 12 months, food, beverage and catering brands will encourage people to use the brand to express themselves and re seek the pre epidemic experience. In the future, community business will develop into a new way of brand building community. In turn, brand can use its resources, reputation and influence to help consumers take action to support important undertakings.

“COVID-19 has increased consumer concern for the community. Consumers recognize the importance of mutual support, and they will be organized as a community of like-minded people out of social and friendship. Food, beverage and catering brands can make full use of their own positioning to keep in line with consumers’ common interests and hobbies that may be related to their identities. Brands can actively bring together individual fans. Defined by a shared brand, the community will expand people’s social circle and bring about a promising collective way. “

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