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2021 global retail Power Report From Deloitte Consulting

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Deloitte’s latest “2021 global retail power” report shows that the global top 250 retailers generated a total revenue of $4.85 trillion in fy2019, with a compound growth rate of 4.4%.

Dr IRA Kalish, Deloitte’s global chief economist, said: “for policy makers, the current challenges are to control the spread of the epidemic, protect people affected by their lives and speed up the distribution of vaccines. Successfully overcoming these urgent difficulties will lay the foundation for the development of the global economy in the coming year.”

Top 250 retailers in the world

In fy2019, the proportion of total revenue generated by the global top 10 retail companies was increased again, from 32.2% last year to 32.7% this year, while the growth rate of revenue decreased by 1.9% to 4.4%. Based on weighted composite sales and adjusted exchange rate, the revenue growth rate of the top 10 retailers in the world is basically the same as that of the top 250 retailers in the world. Seven of the top 10 companies are headquartered in the United States and are still dominated by American enterprises as a whole.

The revenue threshold of the global top 250 retail companies was US $4 billion, up from US $3.9 billion in fiscal year 2018, and the average size was US $19.4 billion.

Among the top 250 retailers in the world, the number of FMCG 1 enterprises accounts for the largest proportion (135). In fy2019, retail revenue of FMCG enterprises accounted for 66% of the total revenue. Companies in FMCG have the highest average revenue (US $23.7 billion), but the lowest net revenue margin (2.0%).

The number of European enterprises on the list in fy2019 is the largest, with a total of 87. North American enterprises account for nearly half of the total revenue of the top 250, and the average revenue scale is the largest, reaching US $28.6 billion, far higher than the average scale of US $19.4 billion of the global top 250.

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