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According to the report, the new first tier cities have become hot areas for homebuyers, and Chongqing has been listed as the top 10 of the new first tier homebuyers.

According to the report, under the background of relatively high home purchase threshold in the first tier cities, home purchase has become a reverse flow trend in population migration. According to the survey data of Shell Research Institute, 44.8% of the respondents intend to return home to buy a home, with a slight decline in the proportion. At the same time, nearly 40% of the respondents said they had already bought a home in their hometown.

From the perspective of age structure, the post-90s’ strong demand for home buyers has become the backbone of home buyers, accounting for 54.4%, followed by the post-80s, accounting for about 31.8%. Through the cross analysis of age and marital status, it is found that there are mainly two types of home buyers: the unmarried group of post-90s and the married group of post-80s.

The report points out that homebuyers generally face the problem of inconvenient cross city house viewing, so they rely more on online channels. With the support of VR and other new technology tools, customers have become a new form of looking for houses through online remote browsing of intended houses and consulting brokers. The iteration of technology has effectively improved the experience of looking for houses. In addition to the problem of finding housing, housing price is also one of the main concerns of home buyers.

Home ownership is for a better life, so for housing facilities, returnees also have higher requirements. According to the report, 46.7% of home buyers prefer to buy hardbound houses that can be checked in with bags. When choosing a residential area, the location of the area and the supporting facilities of the commercial supermarket are the primary factors that buyers pay attention to. In addition, whether the value of appreciation, whether the property is awesome, the environment is beautiful, is also the focus of attention buyers.

The report points out that among the new first tier cities, Chengdu and Hangzhou have the highest home purchase index, followed by Wuhan, Changsha and Zhengzhou. Under the influence of many factors, such as economic momentum, policy support and favorable planning, a number of new first tier cities with relatively strong comprehensive strength, including Chongqing, stand out and become the hot cities of home purchase for many people who are struggling abroad.

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