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Similar to other industries, 2020 is not an easy year for the mobile phone industry. However, the impact of the black swan incident on the mobile phone industry may be far greater than other industries.

First of all, as the “starting year” of 5g in 2020, the mobile phone shipment volume showed a deep V-shaped decline. In February 2020, the mobile phone shipment volume fell 70% month on month. Secondly, the special events also made some domestic manufacturers’ plans to go to sea temporarily frustrated, and the front had to retreat to China, which made the already heated battle for stock users more fierce. Thirdly, the chip incident seems to have triggered the “Butterfly Effect” in the mobile phone industry. Huawei’s high-end market has suffered setbacks, which has brought great benefits to apple. However, Huawei’s “1 + 8 + n” strategy shows its power in the smart wearable device market, and its smart wearable device shipment in 2020 will increase by 50% compared with the same period last year.

Under the tumultuous events, the industry is not stagnant. With the accelerated frequency of the launch, the high-speed penetration of 5g models, and even some new players have the momentum to hit the head of the industry, it can be seen that there is still a strong competitive vitality here. Perhaps, it is the existence of various external factors that push the industry forward.

Deadlocked sales competition, more possibilities brewing Online

Looking back on the mobile phone industry in 2020, due to special events, industry development stage and other reasons, the number of global and domestic smart phone shipments have declined to varying degrees, especially in China. From 2019 to 2020, global smartphone shipments decreased by 5.9%, and China’s smartphone shipments fell by 11.2% (data source: IDC, 2019-2020).

In addition, according to the data released by IDC, the domestic industry head concentration situation is intensifying, and the market share of the top 5 brands in domestic smartphone shipments will increase from 93.5% in 2019 to 96.5% in 2020. The market space left to other brands is further compressed.

To a large extent, the competition for the market is user intention competition, which is well known by the competition participants in the mobile phone industry. Online may be one of the most efficient channels to communicate with users. Therefore, when we turn our attention to massive engines, we find a different mobile phone industry.

From the online voice of tiktok’s main brands, the volume of the voice played by two years increased by 89.7%, almost doubled. In today’s headlines, where the mobile phone industry started earlier, the number of articles read by major brands has also increased by more than 50%.

Online voice is only a means to make users interested in the brand is one of the purposes. We define the users who praise brand related videos twice or more in 2020 as brand interest users. From the data, the vast majority of brand interest users have increased significantly compared with last year, and the speed of brand private domain accumulation is accelerating.

Create a competitive situation different from offline Online

Since 2019, gradientization has been the competition theme of the mobile phone industry in today’s headlines. However, it seems that under gradientization, changes are emerging.

Huawei has been living alone in the first echelon, and its brand attention has always maintained a substantial lead, accounting for 43.4% of the top ten brands in total. It is worth noting that Huawei’s attention is more sinking than before, and users pay more and more attention to brand products and functions.

Apple and Xiaomi in the second echelon are two brands that never lack topic. In the face of the bombardment of domestic brand 5g new machines in the first half of the year, there are two voices in the industry: “domestic machines will seize Apple’s 5g market” and “if Apple is not in the market, 5g is hard to break out”. With the release of Apple’s new machine, the replacement retention rate of Q4 Apple will exceed 60% in 2020, Apple shows the industry the power of ecology and strong brand power. It is also the second echelon. Perhaps the biggest move of Xiaomi in 2020 is to make clear the brand separation between Xiaomi and redmi, which also shows that the brand has to face the competitive pressure from both high and low sides at the same time.

The third echelon is full of variables. First of all, vivo has played some memory points such as micro cloud platform and Zeiss in 2020 to hold the top of the echelon. Second, oppofind series is successful. In addition, there will be some big moves this year, which makes the third echelon full of uncertainty.

From tiktok data, HUAWEI has become the tiktok index of the year. On the one hand, the influence of international events has brought a lot of attention from both inside and outside the industry for the “passive” brand. On the other hand, Huawei also makes great efforts in polishing specific products and functions, especially in chips and photography, which has a very high voice in the industry.

With the same brand of voice, the success of OPPO seems more “initiative”, which stimulates users to participate in the brand content communication through challenge tiktok. In the middle of this year, vivo sacrificed micro cloud platform, and the cooperation with Zeiss has also become a hot spot in the industry. However, there is a certain gap between vivo and other head brands in the amount of video broadcast of the challenge, which also makes its overall ranking temporarily ranked fourth.

The scale of friends of brands is expanding, and the accumulation of private domain is accelerating

In today’s headlines, Huawei has the largest number of creators. At the same time, the proportion of highly active authors has increased by 6.5% in the past two years. In addition to users, Huawei also has a high attraction for creators. In addition, the proportion of highly active authors of domestic brands has increased in the past two years, which also shows that the status of domestic brands in the group of creators is gradually improving.

Tiktok is similar to today’s headlines. In 2020, most of the head brands achieved growth in the number of creators in the chattering. Apple not only had the largest number of creators, but also the number of creators in the industry over the past two years, which was the top 50% in the industry. In addition to apple, oppo and Yijia also achieved more than 30% growth in the number of creators.

In the jitter, point praise is probably the most direct way for users to express their love for content and even brand. We will point out users who are interested in brand names two or more times, and tiktok five times more users are loyal users. Over the past two years, the distribution of interest and quantity of loyalty and tiktok among brands has changed dramatically.

Apple has become the most popular brand of chattering interest tiktok for two consecutive years, and has 50% interest users in two years. Its loyal and practical users are also accelerating their accumulation. In two years, the proportion of loyal users has increased by 5 percentage points, which also ranks first in the industry.

In 2020, OPPO showed outstanding performance in the accumulation of interest in vibrato users, the growth rate of interest users was 84%, and the proportion of loyal users increased by 12 percentage points, accounting for the first in the tiktok industry.

User choice is becoming more and more concentrated, and the high-end market is still occupied by Huawei and apple

According to a large amount of statistical data, in 2020, except for apple, Huawei and one plus, the replacement retention rate of other brands will decline to varying degrees. Apple and Huawei firmly occupy the top of the industry’s user loyalty, and the retention rate of both users exceeds 50%, with an increase of about 8 percentage points compared with last year. Among them, apple even broke through 60% in the second half of 2020, which means that in the fourth quarter of 2020, for every 10 Apple users, 6 of them will continue to choose apple products.

From the data of users’ machine change half a year by half, the situation in 2020 is different from that in 2019. In the second half of 2019, the retention rate of most head brands’ machine change declines, while in 2020, it is the opposite. There may be three main reasons: first, the special events in the first half of 2020 have suppressed the demand of users for replacement; Second, as the beginning year of 5g, many users are still waiting on a large number of 5g new machines in the first half of the year; Third, apple did not enter 5g in the first half of the year. A large number of Apple users and some Android users were curious about Apple’s new machine and waited.

High end is one of the key trends in 2020. In order to further analyze the competitive situation of the high-end market, we make statistics on the turnover of the original high-end machine users. The data shows that the high-end market is a very difficult area to shake. Most of the original high-end machine owners will choose between apple and Huawei when they change their machines. They absorb more than 70% of the high-end users, leaving less than 30% space for other brands.

From the quarterly data, the centralized situation of high-end users’ choice has not improved, but has an increasing trend. In Q4 of 2020, for every 100 high-end machine users changing machines, 50 will choose apple.

Dialogue with industry

Through the data, we can see that the mobile phone industry is not the same in 2020, but also see the competition pattern of the mobile phone industry. However, we still have many questions about the future of the mobile phone industry. To this end, we ask the industry questions, in the answer, we may be able to glimpse the future of the industry.

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