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2021 payment Trend Report From Capgemini

The following is the 2021 payment Trend Report From Capgemini recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, mobile payment , financial technology.

Capgemini released a new report “payment trend in 2021”. History has designated 2020 as one of the most revolutionary years in the payment industry, which heralds the arrival of a new era of technology adoption and consumer behavior.

1. Payment as a service (PAAS) has gained appeal among small and medium-sized institutions

Customized payment technology is difficult to adapt to dynamic supervision and technology updates. PAAS is becoming the first choice for cost-effective and rapid adaptation to the market.

2 Super application operation mode provides a shortcut to one-stop and point-to-point customer experience

The shift from single purpose applications to multi-purpose applications is being promoted worldwide, even for players outside the Asia Pacific region, thanks to their ability to create seamless, integrated, situational and efficient experiences.

3. Payment companies turn to distributed ledger technology in order to improve efficiency and economy

Joint digital identity and currency can derive socio-economic benefits from distributed ledger Technology (DLT).

4. Data driven products are the most successful proposition of payment companies

Big data and analysis enable banks and payment providers to gain insight into super personalized products while stimulating customer loyalty.

5. Digital ID card has become an invisible payment tool for retailers

Now, payment has become part of the retailer ecosystem, and digital identity provides shoppers with a seamless service experience.

6. The new crown has prompted people to choose alternative payment methods

The demand and preference for digital payment are high. Now the new crown urges people to choose faster, more convenient and better payment methods.

7. Technology giants focus on expansion and improve payment services to attract new customers

Technology giants are steadily expanding their business and consolidating their market share in the payment industry as a gateway to the broader field of financial services.

8. Payment companies enhance transaction data security and promote a surge in technology investment

Ensuring foolproof customer authentication and transaction security is a prerequisite for the transition to open infrastructure and digital payment.

9. With the development of ecosystem, regulators have strengthened the review of new participants and new products

Regulation and review will make the payment industry more complex and require regulators to balance the growing market pattern.

10. Evolving regional payment plans are subverting the status quo

With the development of regional payment plans, they may unify the scattered pattern and compete with large companies.

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