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2021 privacy computing industry Research Report From Weizhong bank & KPMG

The following is the 2021 privacy computing industry Research Report From Weizhong bank & KPMG recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: kpmg , research report, network security.

The main findings and viewpoints of this report are as follows:

(1) Privacy computing is driven by the dual needs of big data fusion application and privacy protection, which is also the inevitable requirement of domestic and foreign policies and regulations. The scale of the domestic market will develop rapidly. In three years, the technical service revenue is expected to reach 10-20 billion yuan, and even leverage the 100 billion level data platform operation revenue space.

(2) To reach this scale and break through the scale bottleneck of commercialization, we need to overcome four difficulties: 1) the technology and solutions are not fully mature; 2) the security of technology needs to be improved, and there is a lack of reliable technical standards; 3) the market demand has not been fully demonstrated, and there is a lack of clear pulling policies and benchmarking demonstration projects; 4) it is difficult to build a multi-party collaborative platform for industrial promotion Cooperation mode.

(3) Domestic privacy computing players vary from large Internet companies, independent start-ups, and vertical industry organizations. The resource ecology, technology route and industry layout of each company are different, which leads to different strategies. The main advantages of Internet big factory system players are rich data ecology and application components; the main advantages of industrial background companies are focused accumulation and application ability of vertical industries; the main advantages of start-up companies are neutrality and customer service ability. The key to the decision is whether it can bring enough and unique data sources for customers and provide complete solutions.

(4) In the business model, through the construction of platform and operation to achieve profit sharing is a more promising way of revenue. Due to the great difference of barriers between industries, the application platform of privacy computing is likely to be limited in a specific vertical industry, but the technology platform is expected to be cross industry. Different types of players have different advantages in platform construction. In addition, privacy computing is expected to form a revenue model of service subscription in the future, which will be deployed in the cloud – although it is mainly privatized at present.

(5) In the future, the privacy computing market may form a situation of “oligopoly competition” among several mainstream technology frameworks, among which the open source framework has outstanding competitiveness. In addition, because blockchain and privacy computing are complementary technology systems, having blockchain capability will also help privacy computing technology service providers stand out.

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