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2021 Research Report on internal recommendation practice of Chinese Enterprises From Dayi

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In the past 2020, we have witnessed an extraordinary year. Under the continuous impact of the epidemic, the demand for talents and the recruitment budget have changed dramatically. The person in charge of recruitment began to think about how to recruit talents accurately and efficiently with limited resources and less cost.

“Internal recommendation” uses the interpersonal network of internal employees to expand the source of candidates, which has the advantages of low cost, high success rate and high fit between employees and corporate culture. By pushing internally to fill the talent gap, many enterprises have obtained the driving force to move forward in the turmoil.

Employee recommendation is not only a channel to add resume sources during recruitment, but also has an inseparable relationship with employer brand publicity and organizational culture in human resource management. If you want to do a good job in the projects recommended internally, so that the internal promotion can operate continuously and become a stable means of enterprise talent supply, you must jump out of the surface thinking mode and grasp the deep core and essence.

So, which links and contacts determine the actual effect of push in? What are the innovative attempts of enterprises in promoting publicity, incentive and assessment? What are the challenges in the management and operation of push projects? In the new market environment, how many enterprises begin to use external network resources to help recruitment?

Focusing on the above problems and aiming at the enterprise’s internal promotion management and practice, we conducted research, summarized and sorted out the “hidden facts” and “feasible experience” in the internal promotion through online and offline data collection and excellent case interviews in the industry.

Key findings

37.1% of the enterprises’ internal promotion accounts for less than 10% of the company’s overall enrollment. Even though internal promotion has become a promising channel for enterprises in the future, the general effect is still not ideal.

55.2% of enterprises believe that operation is a difficult problem for internal promotion, and how to mobilize employees’ will has become the key to the success or failure of internal promotion projects.

Most executives only stay at the cooperation level and do not play a subjective initiative, while the data show that the proportion of active internal promotion of executives is higher as a whole.

58.6% of enterprises use the online push platform for push management, and this data accounts for more than 82% in the Internet industry.

24% of the enterprises with good internal promotion effect (the proportion of internal promotion is > 30%) gave candidates the qualification of “no preliminary screening”.

36.2% of enterprises will give the “recommended person” an entry bonus, which is commonly used in the three industries of insurance, manufacturing and Internet.

26.7% of enterprises are trying external recommendation, “weak connection” brings more networking opportunities and imagination.

43.2% of enterprises choose to publicize employees’ internal promotion bonus. Reward publicity can bring better communication effect, so as to improve the overall internal promotion proportion of enterprises.

51.6% of enterprises can only get rewards after they are employed, and 30.5% of enterprises even have to delay to become regular during the probation period. Delaying satisfaction will affect the enthusiasm of recommendation to a certain extent.

The candidate is the closest person to the enterprise in the external contacts. Among the enterprises trying to recommend externally, 54.8% of the enterprises will encourage the candidate to carry out secondary communication.

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