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2021 scalp care Trend Report From Ali Research Institute

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Life is getting better and better, consumption is constantly upgrading and iterating, and the concept of health is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. From bifurcation of hair tip to dryness of hair, from hair root follicle to scalp care, people pay attention to head care from outside to inside. High pressure work and fast-paced life make people bald. If you want to be good to yourself, you should start from scratch. In addition to the routine hair care, you should recognize and pay attention to scalp care, so that the sales volume of scalp care products will grow vigorously.

Tmall new product innovation center, tmall beauty care, United u-creative, first financial business data center and Ali Research Institute recently jointly released the “2021 scalp care trend report”. The study found that scalp care is gaining popularity, and 54% of respondents agree that “scalp care” is one of the important factors for hair health. The growing number of consumers, more frequent purchase frequency, more single purchase and other data show that scalp care products present a growing “blue ocean”.

Big data analysis of online consumption shows that the core consumer group of scalp care is women, and the most concentrated consumer age group is the post-90s and post-95s. The data show that the concept of scalp care is also extending to older groups. In addition, consumers in third tier cities and below not only have the largest population base, but also continue to expand.

With the expansion of the market, scalp care products also present new trends, new categories, new functions and new ingredients constantly refresh the market awareness.

From the perspective of category, more and more online brands have joined the scalp care market, constantly introducing new products and enriching product choices. Although most consumers currently have only one kind of scalp maintenance products, with the deepening of multi-step conservation concept, a number of pioneers have begun to use multiple categories to maintain scalp. Among them, the entry level nutrient solution is the most popular, and the advanced scalp pre washing, essence and safety bottles are increasing rapidly. Several types of products are showing the trend of consumption upgrading, and the consumption proportion of high customer unit price products is rising rapidly. It is worth noting that scalp pre washing talent shows itself in the scalp conservation market. The traditional frosting paste is still the mainstream market, while the gel texture heat is rising rapidly.

From the functional point of view, the market’s demand for diversified efficacy of scalp care products is more and more strong, among which the most popular ones are anti hair and scalp cleaning efficacy. However, niche functions are also rising, such as plump and fluffy products. In addition to the biggest demand for scalp cleaning, the functions of oil control and refreshing, scalp comfort and anti dandruff and anti itching are also loved by consumers. The functional requirements of nutrient solution and ampoule of high-level products are focused on preventing hair loss.

From the perspective of ingredients, consumers tend to be more rational, and they will directly choose the ingredients they care about while searching for products. At present, sea salt, milk and ginger are popular ingredients among all kinds of consumers. In addition, skin care ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and amino acids are also paid special attention.

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