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Different from the “dense” trend of the smart phone industry in recent years, the smart wearable device industry has walked out of a different development path. After the past decade, from the sprouting of new technology to the popularity of capital, from the frustration of the industry to the re maturity, the intelligent wearable device industry will usher in a “warm sun” in 2020.

The smile curve of wearable device industry enters the second half, and the future can be expected

In 1975, the pulsar calculator watch with calculator function was born as a small group of technology enthusiasts. At that time, even the most imaginative geeks were hard to predict. Today, 45 years later, the watch can not only read time and count numbers, but also communicate, surf the Internet, monitor heart rate, and even view the green map of the golf course.

However, just like the application of any new technology will experience the process from being questioned to being gradually recognized, the development of intelligent wearable devices is also full of twists and turns. However, with the occurrence of a series of black swan events, the global consumers’ attention to health and high quality of life has been raised to an unprecedented height in 2020, and the value of intelligent wearable devices has been recognized again.

According to IDC’s forecast, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of intelligent wearable device shipment in the next five years will reach 12.4%, and the global shipment will reach 637 million units by 2024, which can be expected in the future.

Smart wearable device information industry content explosion, active interaction

The content of smart wearable devices began to enter the outbreak stage at the end of 2019, and the tiktok performance in 2020 was strong. In 2020, the amount of video related to tiktok smart wearable devices increased by more than 110% compared with 2019, and the video playback volume grew by more than 180%. Meanwhile, the content of the video playback volume increased by 33%. Technology creators are also pouring into the field, with the number of new articles in today’s headlines in 2020 increasing by 74% compared with that in 2019. At the same time, the number of likes and comments increased by 45% and 55% respectively. And the new tiktok of the master equipment in the field of smart equipment has exceeded 118%.

Category performance

“Mainstay” smart watch, “attention magnet” smart glasses

In terms of the performance of different categories, nearly 50% of the top 1000 articles on smart wearable devices account for smart watch. As the “mainstay” of smart wearable devices, smart watch is also the most popular content in all categories.

Smart watch and bracelet: watch search for “what to buy” and bracelet search for “how to use”

The most frequently searched topics of smart watch related information are specific brand and model related information and evaluation recommendation. These search behaviors mean that potential consumers have no clear idea about which specific product to buy and are still in the process of comparative decision-making; Compared with the smart watch, the users of smart bracelet are more searching for use skills, while the search volume for product comparison and recommendation information is relatively low frequency. They are more sure about what products to buy. A large number of search results are the problems and skills that users who have purchased the bracelet encounter during the use period.

Intelligent earphone: endurance is still the main pain point, and industrial development attracts wide attention

In the search data of smart headphones, brand search is the first topic category, which means that users are more interested in specific products to a certain extent. Compared with other categories, there are more users who are interested in finance and business to search the related information of smart headphones.

Smart glasses and smart head display: cutting edge technology attracts the eye, and the purchase demand needs to be stimulated

Compared with other categories, the most obvious feature of the search topics of smart glasses and head display is that the proportion of scientific and technological knowledge is the highest, more than 30%. In addition, the search volume related to price information is also the highest of all categories. On the one hand, users with scientific and technological interests naturally have a high interest in smart glasses, head display and other headwear devices. On the other hand, as a whole, in all smart devices, The average price of smart glasses and head display is relatively high, which may cause a certain purchase threshold for some potential consumers.

From the perspective of search topics related to purchase decisions, the proportion of intelligent glasses and head display search users to search relatively generalized recommendation and evaluation information is higher than that to search specific brand and model information. To a certain extent, for users, there is no absolute head brand or popular product in this field, and compared with other categories, they are still in the competitive stage of relative blue ocean.

User insight

Technology geek drill parameters, movie and TV fans focus on experience, gamers see the appearance

Generally speaking, the most preferred information types of all groups are user experience, function parameters and appearance introduction.

From the specific information types, male users are more interested in function parameter introduction and open box evaluation, while female users are more interested in using experience, planting and weeding, and product comparison. Open box evaluation is also more attractive to young users, and they also have a stronger preference for product appearance related information.

Technology geek consumers are obviously more concerned about the evaluation of product function parameters than other categories of consumers, while hard core game players pay the most attention to the appearance introduction and open box evaluation of products, and movie fans pay the most attention to the appearance of products and the information related to planting / pulling grass.

Watch headset is a popular category, sports talents and game players are important potential groups

In all product categories, the category with the highest recognition is wristband devices. In addition, the high-income group has a significantly higher recognition of intelligent wearable devices. From the perspective of crowd characteristics, the group with the highest recognition of each category is technology geeks and hard core game players.

From the perspective of geographical distribution, users in the first tier cities are generally the most interested group in intelligent wearable devices.

Price choice: men are more willing to spend money to win the world

On the whole, the psychological price of smart watch and smart headset is relatively high, while the price of smart bracelet and smart headset is relatively low. Nearly 60% of users think that the acceptable price of smart bracelet and headset should be below 500 yuan. Game players are the most able to give “krypton gold” to smart wearable devices among all consumer groups.

Future purchase behavior: 40% of interested users have purchase plans in the next three months, which game players want to buy most

From the overall category preference, the most likely category of smart wearable devices for future users is smart headphones, and nearly 40% of the respondents said they would consider buying them in the next three months.

For users aged 30-39, in addition to the smart watches and headphones they need, children’s smart watches are the category they will focus on in the next three months.

Among all kinds of interest groups, game hardcore players are generally the most interested in buying smart wearable devices. They have the highest desire to buy all kinds of products except smart watches, while sports experts are the most interested in smart watches. They are likely to buy 17.9% of them in the next three months.

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