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2021 Spring Festival Film Report From Yi en

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“Hot” Spring Festival stalls hit record box office and movie audience

In 2021, the box office of the Spring Festival stalls was fixed at 7.823 billion, an increase of 33% compared with 5.904 billion in 2019, setting a new record for the box office of the Spring Festival stalls.

In 2016, the box office of Spring Festival increased by 70% year-on-year, from 1.8 billion in 2015 to 3 billion, and the box office of films reached a new level. In 2018, the box office of the Spring Festival stalls increased by 68% again, and the box office of the Spring Festival stalls entered the 5 billion mark. In 2021, three years later, the box office of the Spring Festival stalls entered the 7 billion era.

In 2021, the number of movie goers during the Spring Festival reached 159 million, an increase of 21% over the same period last year, setting a new record since the box office record in 2012.

The number of shows and average ticket price are basically the same as those in 2019, and the attendance rate increases by 10%

In the spring of 2021, the number of stalls was 2.871 million, which was slightly lower than that in 2019 and increased by 23% compared with that in 2018. The attendance rate of Spring Festival stalls in 2021 is 45%, 10% higher than that in 2019, which is basically the same as that in 2016 and 2018. The average ticket price of Spring Festival in 2021 is 45 yuan, the same as that in 2019, an increase of 12% compared with that in 2018.

“Tangtan 3” and “Li Huanying” are competing for the first place, winning 80% of the box office

In 2021, a total of 10 films will be shown in the Spring Festival, all of which are domestic films. Seven of them have taken more than 100 million at the box office. Type, comedy, plot, fantasy, animation and romance have 2. The box office of Chinatown detective 3 reached 3.555 billion, setting a new record for the Spring Festival. “Hello, Li Huanying” reversed the box office by virtue of word-of-mouth and won 2.723 billion. The box office of the top 2 films are comedies, accounting for more than 80% of the total, and the head effect of the hot schedule is more and more significant.

The assassination of the novelist ranked third with 539 million. The two cartoons “bear haunts wild land” and “new God list: the rebirth of Nezha” took in $369 million and $235 million respectively. Among the last three films at the box office, “I cheer for you” and “no Mr. and good lady” were released on February 14, focusing on Valentine’s day. However, as Valentine’s Day falls on the second day of the lunar new year, when the enthusiasm for watching movies in the Spring Festival is at a climax, there is no special demand for watching love movies in the market. In addition, the two films are small productions, which does not stir up a splash.

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