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2021 talent flow and migration Report From Pulse Research Institute

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On March 17, pulse Research Institute officially released the report “talent flow and migration 2021”. In addition to analyzing the trend of talent flow among regions, industries and companies, the report also analyzes the characteristics of talent flow in more than ten new economic fields separately, and focuses on using the talent big data advantage of pulse platform, combined with questionnaire survey, to explore the driving factors of talent activity and flow, and strive to “insight into the talent and people behind the data”.

The main insights include:


In career choice, it is not that the younger you are, the more self you are. Parents’ influence on post-90s’ and post-90s’ and post-90s’ and post-90s’ is higher than that of post-80s’ and Post-70s’.

People in the workplace seek “gold” from stability. On the one hand, in 2021, the tolerance of job seekers for “job hopping with reduced salary” is increasing. On the other hand, the average person in the middle and basic level workplace regards salary as the most important factor for job hunting, while equity / options as the least important factor. The importance of stability for grassroots workers ranks third.


In 2020, the employment competition degree of Chengdu and Wuhan in the central and western cities is less than that of the non core cities in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration. Among the top ten cities with the lowest degree of employment competition, Fuzhou and Xiamen are listed in Fujian Province, and the pressure of employment competition is less than that of many cities in the Pearl River Delta.

City classification is no longer the only standard to measure the future potential of a city. The new economy brings new opportunities to non first tier cities. Relying on the original industrial advantages and embracing digital transformation, it is expected to attract more new economic talents and compete with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Industry and company:

Affected by the epidemic situation and other factors, the spring recruitment in 2020 will become a low level of talent activity, and the activity of all industries will reach the peak in the autumn recruitment period. It Internet talent activity is leading, and traditional industries such as transportation, logistics and automobile rank high in talent activity in 2020, or due to the acceleration of intelligent and digital transformation.

The competition pressure of employment in the fields of games, new life services and new education and training is small, but the competition in the field of artificial intelligence is not low.

The talents who are going out everywhere have strong attraction and become the new economy company with the largest inflow of talents in 2020. Career opportunities have emerged in the field of online education. Many companies, including who to learn from, homework help and ape guidance, have entered the list. The net inflow of talents from new economy companies is among the top 20.

The following is the full text of the report:

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