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The survey found that in 2021, local enterprises are higher than multinational enterprises in personnel expansion, salary increase and bonus payment. Among them, employers of local enterprises generally said that they would have 11-20% recruitment plans, while the average recruitment proportion of multinational enterprises was less than 10%. In addition, the average annual salary increase of local enterprises is more than 8%, while that of multinational enterprises is between 3-4%.

The report also shows that in 2021, health will be an important consideration for job hunting. Respondents ranked “healthy work culture” as the most important factor affecting the employer’s brand image, higher than “career development opportunities” and “strong brand awareness”.

At the same time, the report conducts a survey of the entire Asia Pacific market, sharing insights on digitization, enterprise architecture innovation, flexible office, leadership, indicator management and inclusiveness.

In 2020, the new crown epidemic will hit the overall economic and market performance of the Asia Pacific region, with recruitment activities falling by 8% – 35%. In order to control the cost, many enterprises choose to suspend or reduce the recruitment of new employees, but this does not mean that enterprises should stop contacting high-quality talents. The overall recruitment market in Asia Pacific began to pick up in the second quarter and ushered in 2021 with an optimistic trend. 42% of Companies in the Asia Pacific region said they would expand their recruitment next year.

The post epidemic new normal also requires employees to integrate into the new work mode faster. 68% of enterprises in the Asia Pacific region said that they would increase investment in technology and digital tools in 2021, which has become the top priority of enterprise management.

The introduction of digital tools and the reform of enterprise structure are bound to usher in talent skills vacancy. 20% of enterprises in the Asia Pacific region said they would increase the proportion of short-term flexible talents in talent recruitment, which is 5% higher than that in 2019.

With the long-term work at home, the topic of work life balance in 2020 has aroused heated discussion. 80% of the employees surveyed in the Asia Pacific region said that the efficiency of working from home has not been affected, or even higher. However, only 5% of the employees surveyed said they would like to work completely remotely. At the same time, 51% of enterprises adjusted their employee performance evaluation model. Managers will pay more attention to the positive performance of employees in critical times, and regard teamwork as the most important workplace quality of employees.

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