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Deloitte today released the 20th issue of the 2021 technology, media and telecommunications industry forecast (hereinafter referred to as the “report”), which forecasts the development trend of the technology, media and telecommunications industry in 2021, and makes in-depth discussion on their possible impact on global enterprises and consumers. At the same time, the report also gives a full account of the development trend of some industries caused by the social and economic changes in the context of the epidemic, and focuses on the accelerated growth in the fields of video, virtual technology, cloud technology and sports media.

“Although the growth patterns of some technologies are in line with expectations, the reality of the global spread of the epidemic has become an accelerator for certain technologies, fundamentally changing the way we live and work.” “From 5g to cloud to digital virtual reality, a range of enterprise and consumer technologies will continue to provide opportunities for the global business ecosystem,” said Ariane Bucaille, managing partner of Deloitte global technology, media and telecommunications

Explosive growth of video consultation: new crown epidemic makes video consultation more popular

The relationship between this growth trend and the new epidemic situation is very obvious. Video interrogation can not only meet the regulatory requirements of “zero contact” during the epidemic, but also help consumers better understand and use video call applications, especially for patients over 65 years old. Deloitte’s use of video will rise to 1% in 2021% of the world’s doctors by 2029. And the increase in the number of video and other types of virtual consultation means the growth of business for companies that provide relevant technical support. It is estimated that the pure telemedicine virtual interrogation technology market will reach 8 billion US dollars in 2021. Driven by the growth of virtual consultation, more than $33 billion of medical grade home care technologies (mainly treatment and monitoring equipment) are expected to be sold in 2021, nearly 20% higher than that in 2019.

“Even if it’s just a single digit growth, it’s very impressive,” said Lin Guoen, managing partner of Deloitte in China’s technology, media and telecommunications industry. While 5% doesn’t sound like much, it’s worth noting that in 2019 alone, there were 8.5 billion consultations in 36 OECD countries, with a total value of about $500 billion. So five percent of this is equivalent to more than 400 million video consultations, worth about $25 billion. Although video consultation may never completely replace face-to-face consultation, we believe that with the passage of time, this form of consultation will be reasonably applied and widely recognized, and will become as common as going to the clinic for consultation. “

Cloud migration prediction: organic in danger, enjoying the future

From some indicators, even in the face of the most severe economic contraction in modern history, the growth rate of cloud market in 2020 is still faster than that in 2019. The reason may be: driven by the new epidemic situation, blockade measures and anytime anywhere office mode, cloud demand has increased. Deloitte predicts that in order to save money, enhance flexibility and promote innovation, enterprises will go to the cloud one after another. Therefore, from 2021 to 2025, cloud revenue growth will be equal to or higher than that in 2019 (i.e., more than 30%). With the increase of cloud usage, cloud providers and other ecosystem participants will continue to grow, while cloud users can make new attempts to create value relying on cloud platform. Cloud is no longer just a computing method. In the near future, cloud technology may become the leading solution for all types of business.

Virtual connected reality: application of virtual reality digital helmet in enterprise and education field

With the popularity of “immersive experience” in enterprises and education, the market for virtual reality digital helmets is growing. Deloitte expects that sales of VR, AR and Mr wearable helmets for enterprises and educational institutions (collectively referred to as XR or digital reality) will increase by 100% in 2021 compared with 2019, driven by the purchase of enterprises and educational institutions. The risk of new coronavirus infection urges employees and students to increase the use of such helmets and carry out virtual education instead of face-to-face teaching, thus accelerating the growth of helmets in some markets. With the promotion of the new crown epidemic, the digital reality helmet will be further developed after the end of the epidemic.

Women and technology have changed sports

Although the number of sports events will decrease in 2020, the growth potential will not decline in the end. Deloitte predicts two major trends in the field of sports — the increasing commercialization of women’s sports and the gradual use of digital technology to create super quantitative athletes. According to the forecast, the future value of women’s sports will exceed one billion dollars. Over the past decade, many cases have shown that women’s sports will create a large number of TV viewers and create value for sponsors. A single event can attract tens of thousands of sports fans to watch. Just as the new crown epidemic has prompted people to conduct a new and thorough review of all aspects of society, Deloitte global forecasts that women’s movement will also be perceived, promoted and commercialized in a new way. Another ongoing shift involves the collection, use and analysis of athlete data. Athletes can measure data inside and outside the body in real time and create hundreds of new indicators for decision-making. In order to make good use of these data, according to Deloitte’s prediction, many professional sports leagues will formulate new formal policies on the collection, use and commercialization of player data by the end of 2021.

Towards the edge of intelligence: edge computing and intelligence will drive the start of industry 4.0

Smart edge, developed from decades of instrumentation, automation and connectivity technologies, is becoming increasingly mature and evolving into a series of revolutionary technological capabilities, and promoting the transformation and development of some of the world’s largest technology and communication enterprises. Deloitte predicts that by 2021, the global market size of smart edge will expand to US $12 billion, and maintain a compound annual growth rate of about 35%. Telecom enterprises deploy intelligent edge for 5g network, and ultra large scale cloud service providers optimize their infrastructure and service products, which are the main driving forces for this growth. These highly capitalized enterprises will take the lead in creating use cases and best practices, laying the foundation for enterprises in all walks of life to move towards the edge of intelligence, achieving faster, lower cost, safer and reliable operation in various fields such as autopilot, virtual reality and Internet of things, and speed up the fourth industrial revolution. By 2023, it is expected that 70% of enterprises will use edge computing to perform data processing.

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