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2021 Technology Outlook Report – Chinese abstract From accenture

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Accenture’s technology outlook 2021 reveals five important trends that enterprises need to pay attention to in the next three years, helping enterprises to accelerate transformation and control the changing situation

Future structure: consolidate the foundation of enterprise development. Enterprises are leading a new industry competition. Future oriented information technology (it) system architecture will be a key link for enterprises to build competitiveness and stimulate vitality. In order to build and use the most competitive technology stack, enterprises should consider the establishment of business and technology integration strategy. 77% of Chinese executives believe that the ability of enterprises to create business value will increasingly depend on the development space and opportunities of their technical architecture.

Mirror world: Digital twin intelligence ubiquitous. Leading enterprises are building an intelligent digital twins world, integrating data and intelligent technology, and completely restoring the real world in the digital environment. Many things, such as real factories, supply chains, product life cycle and so on, have brought new opportunities for operation, collaboration and innovation. 88% of Chinese executives expect their companies to invest more in digital twins in the next three years.

Technology Popularization: human machine integration, all staff innovation. Nowadays, all departments of enterprises can use powerful technology tool platform to release new potential for the implementation of innovation strategy. Every employee can participate in innovation, optimize work, solve pain points, promote business development, and keep pace with changing new needs. 87% of Chinese executives believe that the full spread of technology is crucial to stimulate the innovation ability of the whole organization.

Unbounded work: flexible cooperation on the spot. One of the biggest workplace changes in people’s memory has prompted enterprises to transcend the limits of rules and regulations. Whether it’s at home, in the office, at the airport, in the office of a partner, or in other places, once you can work locally, people can work seamlessly. Therefore, enterprise leaders need to rethink the purpose of their work, seize the opportunity, and rethink the business model to adapt to this new environment. 83% of Chinese executives believe that the focus of industry leaders on the office environment will shift from “bring your own tools” to “work without boundaries”.

Multi party trust: the vitality under the chaotic pattern. Under the epidemic situation, various demands such as tracking case contacts, smooth payment, new ways to build trust and so on began to emerge, making enterprises begin to pay attention to the unsolved problems in the existing ecology. With the help of the multi trust system, enterprises can greatly enhance their resilience and responsiveness, use new methods to develop markets, and establish new industry ecological standards. 88% of Chinese executives said that the establishment of multi-party trust will make the ecosystem more resilient and adaptable, and create new value with many partners.

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