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2021 technology vision Report From accenture

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According to the Accenture “technology vision 2021” report, technology is the lifeline of the global pandemic, bringing new ways of working and doing business, creating new interactions and experiences, and improving health and safety. As companies move from crisis response to reinventing the next step, the bravest and most visionary leaders will define the future, and technology trends will affect businesses and industries in the next three years.

A survey of more than 6200 business and technology leaders found that 92% of the respondents said their businesses were actively innovating and taking action this year. 91% of executives think that to occupy tomorrow’s market needs a redefinition of their organization.

The report identifies five key trends that the company needs to address in the next three years to accelerate and master changes in all aspects of its business:

Strategic stacking: building a better future. The new era of industry competition is coming, but the construction and application of the most competitive technology stack means different thinking about technology, which makes it difficult to distinguish business and technology strategy. 89% of executives believe that their organization’s ability to create business value will increasingly be based on technology architecture.

Mirror world: large scale, intelligent and digital twin power. Leaders are building intelligent digital twins to create models of factories, supply chains, product life cycles, etc. 65% of executives expect their organization’s investment in smart twins to increase over the next three years.

Me, technologist: Democratization of technology. People across business sectors can use powerful functions, which adds a catalyst to the enterprise’s innovation strategy. Now, every employee can be an innovator, optimize their work, solve pain points, and keep the enterprise in step with new and changing needs. 88% of executives believe that technology democratization is crucial to stimulate the innovation ability of the whole organization.

Anywhere: create your own environment. The biggest labor transfer is real-time storage, which enables enterprises to expand their boundaries. 81% of executives agree that leading companies in the industry will begin to shift from “bring your own equipment” to “bring your own environment” labor methods.

From me to us: the road of multi-party system. 90% of executives said that the multi-party system will bring more flexibility and adaptability to their ecosystem, so as to create new value with partners.

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