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2021 Tencent auto industry content marketing white paper From Tencent marketing insight & Nielsen

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In the past 10 years, China’s automobile market has experienced a period of rapid development with an annual growth rate of more than 15%. In the past two years, with the downward trend of the market, the competition between automobile enterprises has gradually intensified. How to return to the origin and improve their competitiveness in the market of platform and mature period has become the key for automobile enterprises to stand out.

In the trend of social consumption, consumers’ decision-making links and access to information become extremely complex. More and more users begin to take the behavior mode of online car watching and offline car buying. Content marketing takes the lead in winning the favor of consumers at the front end of decision-making, helping to enhance brand awareness, form brand resonance, and then seize the minds of consumers, thus opening up another way for enterprises to achieve sustainable business growth.

Tencent marketing insight (TMI) and Nielsen launched an in-depth research on automobile consumers. Combined with Tencent marketing big data, they deeply analyzed the changing trend of consumers in the digital era, explored effective ways to enhance the minds of automobile consumers and comprehensive solutions to seize the minds of consumers, supplemented by successful marketing cases, and were committed to providing more information for the continuous growth of automobile brand value Enlightenment.

The decision-making process and mental state ultimately affect the purchase decision

With the advent of the era of social retail, consumer contacts and decision-making links are increasingly diversified. The advantage of brand influence in marketing is magnified infinitely.

Mind refers to any brand related things existing in people’s thinking, including thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Consumers who highly identify with the brand will establish a strong relationship between the brand and a certain feature. Data show that the level of mental identity is highly positively correlated with market share, and the user’s mental has become a must for marketing.

China’s automobile marketing is entering the 3.0 era. The brand side tends to create a more diversified and three-dimensional immersion communication strategy through multi touch communication, and its impact on consumers is also close from the shallow level of cognition to the deep level of interest identification. It can be seen from the sample data of this survey that the Matthew effect in the automotive industry is obvious, and the number of strong leaders drives up the industry’s mental average, resulting in serious two-level differentiation. If you don’t want to be out of the consumer’s mind, the construction of the user’s mind needs to be strengthened. So how does content marketing help enterprises increase consumers’ mental identity?

Cognition, feeling and behavior: multiple contents strengthen purchase decision

Content marketing can effectively enhance the mental identity of consumers in three levels: in the cognitive level, it can enhance the brand cognition with multiple touch channels, rich presentation forms and accurate touch groups; in the sensory level, it can transfer the brand image with stronger sense of substitution, more real experience and higher sense of trust; in the transformation level, it can strengthen the willingness and behavior of purchase and recommendation to enhance the brand recognition Worry.

Research samples show that in the online channels of recognizing automobile brands in the past six months, long videos, especially content marketing embedded in variety shows, have a significant effect on improving consumers’ brand awareness. The marketing content of the long video platform has a prominent advantage in the display of product performance. After watching the implanted ads, the overall evaluation of the brand function and brand image of consumers is increased by 9% and 11% respectively. Content marketing can effectively improve the proportion of car consumers to buy and recommend. After watching the implanted content, 34% of consumers said they would consider buying the car brands they learned in the program, and 30% of consumers recommended the car brands they saw in the program to others.

In order to further quantify the impact of long video, especially variety show advertising placement on consumers’ thinking and behavior, this report measures and calibrates all relevant content marketing cooperation forms from two dimensions of advertising influence and advertising attraction. Long video advertising (including variety show and TV series implantation) ranks first in both advertising influence and advertising attraction.

Content form influence coordinate system

The same market segment of five groups breeds new business opportunities

With its strong content carrying capacity, novel and vivid forms, diversified cooperation and extension ways, variety implantable advertising causes resonance between brands and users, thus promoting the transformation of users. In order to further improve the effect of content marketing, this report draws a portrait for high potential consumers. Car companies can customize more targeted content marketing strategies in combination with the characteristics of target groups, so as to maximize the brand influence.

In order to improve the granularity of touch, the report further subdivides five typical groups of high potential car consumers, namely business men, Baoma, small town youth, urban youth and fashionable women, according to different car scenarios and user preferences. Although they have different preferences for models, brands and use scenarios, they are deeply influenced by different variety shows. This kind of online entertainment is a good way to help modern people relax and relieve pressure, which also proves the overall trend of today’s popular variety shows. If the automobile brand can grasp the outlet, combine with its own brand positioning, aim at the preferences of the target group, put in the well-made and emotional resonance marketing content, it will be firmly rooted in the mental highland of consumers.

Based on the past practice, Tencent has refined a variety content marketing method suitable for the automobile industry: entering the circle, expanding the circle and breaking the circle. From the inside show to the outside show, to the extension of IP rights and interests of variety show, we can help brands use variety show cooperation to improve consumers’ mind, and continuously drive the healthy growth of brands with content.

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