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2021 tiktok benchmark and brand strategy guide From Live

The following is the 2021 tiktok benchmark and brand strategy guide From Live recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, network marketing, Network video.

Conviva released “2021 tiktok benchmark and brand strategy guide”. During the new crown pandemic, the usage and popularity of tiktok soared, as users did nothing at home. The study analyzed more than 900 brand users on tiktok from February 2020 to February 2021 to identify the best performing brands in each industry. According to statistics, the total number of fans of more than 900 users is 612.7 million. The study found that users who are committed to delivering consistent, high-quality content gain the most in terms of fans.

The average growth of fans from February 2020 to February 2021 is 604000, among which sports media account has the largest growth of 1.179 million; The second was the streaming media account, which was 825000.

Netflix is the winner on tiktok, with 10.6 million fans in the past year, more than any other account. ESPN has 10 million fans in the past year, ranking second.

Growth requires effort and consistency. On average, 241 videos were published per account, while the top 20 accounts with the most attention published an average of 1721 videos.

Among the eight sports leagues, the Premier League has the most fans, 917000; The second was La Liga, with 814000; NFL ranked third with 565000.

Barcelona is the most watched sporting event account with 7.6 million fans, followed by Real Madrid with 4.6 million fans.

The most watched American sports teams are Golden State Warriors (2.6 million fans) and Kansas City Chiefs (1.7 million fans). These two teams are also the only U.S. teams in the top 10.

Among the brands analyzed, Red Bull has 5.2 million fans, ranking second. Guinness World Records ranked first with 11.3 million fans. Among the top ten brands, there are four accounts related to red bull, including Australian Red Bull, Spanish Red Bull and Italian Red Bull.

Games dominate tiktok’s top 10 brands, with roblox, fortnite and Xbox all on the list.

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