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2021 tiktok ecologic Development Report From Huge amount of calculation

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Tiktok tiktok, a representative of many stars and people, represented by Luo Yonghao in early 2020, was booming in the master’s voice.

Tiktok tiktok was initially linked to the initial ecosystem of users, businesses, Daren, agencies and service providers in early 2021, and launched a new concept of “interest business” in the conference of the chattering master’s business ecosystem.

The tiktok master tiktok tiktok is the first to start the 2021 report on the development of the ecological electricity supplier. This report analyzes the users, the people, the businessmen, the agencies and the service providers of the business community, and introduces the FACT business matrix to help business growth.

01. New pattern of e-commerce industry

Online consumption goes against the trend, and China’s online retail scale ranks first in the world

In 2020, due to the impact of special events, the overall retail consumption will slow down. However, the housing economy has also spawned a large number of consumers to choose online consumption, which will go against the trend. According to emarketer’s forecast, the global online retail market will reach US $4.28 trillion in 2020, with an annual growth rate of 27.6%. In 2021, the development momentum of online retail will remain unchanged, and it is predicted that there will still be a growth of 14.3%. At the same time, the proportion of online retail in the total social consumption will become larger and larger, about 19.5%.

Judging from the performance of the top 10 online retail countries in the world, China has ranked the first in the world for eight consecutive years. In 2020, the market size will reach US $2.3 trillion, with an annual growth rate of 27.5%. In 2021, China will still maintain a high growth rate of 21%, and will be the first country whose online consumption exceeds that of physical retail.

Live e-commerce becomes a new engine of consumption growth

Live e-commerce has become a popular online consumption scene in 2020, and this mode is gradually changing people’s lives.

Live e-commerce focuses on the operation of commodity content and recommendation of interest content with visual commodity content as the core. With interest stimulation as the starting point, it can greatly shorten the consumption link and attract more enterprises and consumers to join.

From the supply side of the live broadcast e-commerce market, more than 28000 live broadcast industry related enterprises will be added in 2020, a five fold increase over the same period last year. According to the data of tianyancha, up to 39000 will be added by 2020. These enterprises also provide users with richer live content and products.

From the demand side of the live broadcast e-commerce market, the growth rate of e-commerce live broadcast users is the fastest. According to CNNIC data, as of December 2020, the scale of e-commerce live broadcast users is 390 million, accounting for 62.9% of the total live broadcast users, with an increase of 46.4% compared with March 2020. It is the fastest growing and largest growing user type at present.

Under the environment of policy driven healthy development of live broadcasting e-commerce, the supply and demand relationship of live broadcasting e-commerce has also promoted the rapid growth of live broadcasting e-commerce. According to the third-party statistics, in 2020, the transaction scale of live broadcasting e-commerce will exceed one trillion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 142%, leading the e-commerce market. At present, the market penetration rate of live broadcast e-commerce is only 8.6%, and there is still huge room for growth in the future.

2021 will also be a key year for businesses to comprehensively arrange live broadcast e-commerce and realize large-scale growth.

02, the voice of electricity providers tiktok open interest business new era

Tiktok electricity supplier ecology grows rapidly, positioning “interest business”

In early 2020 tiktok and Luo Yonghao were represented by many stars and master. In June, the byte beating tiktok set up an electricity supplier level business department, officially released the “voice sound electricity supplier” brand. In April 2021, the first tiktok ecocity conference was held in Guangzhou, and the positioning of “interest business” platform was clear.

Tiktok development

“Interest e-commerce” is a kind of e-commerce based on people’s yearning for a better life, which can meet users’ potential shopping interest and improve consumers’ quality of life. The business logic of interest e-commerce is to connect the humanized commodity content with a large number of potential interest users through recommendation technology, and use the content to activate the consumer demand of users.

Based on recommendation technology, the voice chatting provider can tiktok the content of products to more potential people, and through transformation and precipitation optimization, it can also recommend content to more potential consumers, and get a new round of more accurate traffic injection. So that new traffic, new transformation, new precipitation, bring new consumer groups and new business growth.

Daidian Gmv grows 50 times a year

Tiktok has been growing rapidly in the past year as a entrance to the business of the business of the voice and electricity supplier, and the volume of transactions increased rapidly in January 2021. The growth rate in January 2021 was 50 times higher than that in the same period last year. With the tiktok business becoming more and more brand and business long term business position, a brand new online retail channel is beginning to take shape.

Source: tremor electricity supplier & tiktok, January 2020 -2021 January

03, the new mode of tiktok new ecosystem

– users –

Tiktok user portrait: younger, bigger, higher consumption power

Tiktok tiktok, love and content scenes and consumer scenarios are integrated. Over the past year, users of voice TV have been increasing rapidly, and users have recommended the master’s favorite, finding and buying the good price, the WYSIWYG.

Tiktok users, women are the main force of purchase, and men have been growing faster in the past six months. From the perspective of age distribution, young users of the post-80s / 90s have the absolute advantage, and the post-95s have the highest growth rate. In the first-line / new first-line and fourth tier cities, the two cities will go hand in hand, leading the growth of users. Among them, Shanghai, Chongqing and Beijing will become the three most shopping loving cities in 2020.

Source: tremor electricity supplier & tiktok, July 2020 -2021 January

Tiktok consumer new discovery: pursue beauty, pursue new, love health

Delicacy business users tiktok tiktok “beauty” and “food” footsteps, women’s clothing, snacks, nuts, fresh become the three most popular consumers in the year 2020, and fashion accessories, beauty care, make-up, grain and oil seasoning and so on have become annual hot door category.

Meanwhile, all corners of the country have been found to be a group of consumers who are chasing new consumers. TA are from all over the world. Jiangsu people love seafood. 95 of the northern Shanghang are the strongest buyers of tiktok, and 95 after 00 are the tide Lovers. The Z generation of the North Canton is fond of Nintendo switch new products.


Tiktok has become an important growth point for millions of master’s income.

In 2020 tiktok became an important growth point for master’s income. A large number of high-quality producers transformed into an anchor of e-commerce. Daren will recommend the selected businesses and products to fans and users, expand the fan base and provide more value to fans; At the same time, we can get commercial value by making more good goods be found and purchased. The size of the voice and electricity supplier and per capita income continued to grow rapidly. In the second half of 2020, the GMV grew by 588% over the first half of the year, and by January 2021, the number of anchors of the tiktok revenue has exceeded 100 million.

Source: tremor electricity supplier & tiktok, January 2020 -2021 January

The city’s tiktok creators are 18~45 years old, with the most TOP3 creators. Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces are among the most famous provinces, and Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou are the three largest cities.

Tiktok tiktok master has been a great number of outstanding people in the past year. The Guangdong couple and big wolf dog, Korean daughter-in-law Lu Lu, Xiao Guan master and Dali have achieved good results in different characteristics, and also witnessed the unlimited potential of the new business of jitter.


Millions of businesses are entering the tiktok market, and the whole category of goods is growing at a high speed.

Tiktok covers all kinds of clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, stationery, 3C, home furnishing, home care, mother and baby, smart home, etc.

We selected 2020 tiktok TOP30 subdivision categories for analysis. In the second half of 2020, the highest GMV increment was in the categories of women’s wear, jewelry, gold, beauty and skin care, men’s wear, children’s wear, second hand luxury goods and so on. The fastest growing are mobile phones, art collections, clocks, underwear, children’s clothing, wine and other sub categories.

Tiktok is becoming the new product’s detonating site.

Tiktok is a tiktok new consumer attraction. Under the demand of new users, all vertical industries are releasing new products in the jitter: clothing shoes and bags, mother and baby books are the highest, 3C digital appliances, drinks, beauty, home furnishing, smart home are coming. All kinds of new tiktok are in touch with the voice of the electric supplier.

Under the tiktok’s new product concerns and needs, the new products of the voice and electronic business platform have six new characteristics: new marketing, new design, new scene, new function, new component and new technology, and cover all industries.

Based on tiktok’s new six features, the voice business has also released ten new trendy products in 2020, millet 11, adoption of a cow high calcium milk powder, Guangxi tiktok, mango and Li Bai Zhu Zhu.

Catch up with the new + buy well, brand goods are popular

Tiktok users love not only to catch up with new products, but also to buy them well. We see large brands and good brands with high quality commodities, such as Suning, millet, Bosideng, paraquat, Taiping bird, Lining, tiktok, and so on. There are also new brands such as the Luo La code, perfect diary, PWU, Ubras and so on.

Tiktok is also being introduced into the long-term planning of e-commerce business by more and more brands, becoming a platform for brand to open new positions, open up new crowds and gain new growth.

The live broadcast base covers the whole country, bringing new opportunities for the development of businesses in the industrial belt

By building a live broadcasting base for tiktok industries, the voice business has covered most industrial belt areas of the country, gathering potential merchants to form potential energy, and establishing and strengthening the mind of “good source” through quality control system.

– institutions & Service Providers

Institutions & service providers help the rapid development of ecology

Tiktok is a new mode of service for institutions and service providers. New service needs to be built. To do well, we need to do well tiktok, good products and good service.

MCN tiktok is the “co intergrowth” of the voice and electricity supplier’s author’s ecology. It is an important partner of service and training platform master, and plays an important role in the process of introducing, serving and managing the master of electricity providers.

Tiktok customer service providers tiktok power providers with content as the core, from account creation, short video to live content operation, to master cooperation and matching of goods and goods, to flow optimization and acquisition, and to provide merchandise management and after-sales protection, is a major boost for businesses to enhance their operating efficiency and gain rapid development in the course of shaking up electricity providers.

04. “Fact management matrix” drives long term business growth

Tiktok business FACT matrix

Field merchant self broadcast

Business self broadcast is the basic disk of daily sales, and has become an important force for business growth.

It is the foundation to operate the business position of the business. In the business self broadcast, the business has a strong control over the key operation nodes, such as brand image, product selection, preferential treatment, live broadcast and so on. In addition, through long-term accumulation, the output of self broadcast is stable, and the operation cost is relatively controllable. At the same time, the business self broadcast also helps to establish a long-term relationship with users and realize the continuous accumulation of people.

Alliance talent matrix

The talent matrix is the amplifier of business growth. Many businesses have established close alliance and cooperation with many talents. Business grows rapidly with the increase of talent ability and number.

Massive matchmaking: “shake link” gathers ecological partners to achieve efficient matchmaking, “select alliance” is the online matchmaking position for businesses and talents.

Ants: Project Nebula + talent base.

Campaign campaign

Marketing activities are the explosive field of scale sales. Tiktok, tiktok, IP, industry activities and a series of marketing Campaign, giving the jitter business day festival, thematic marketing capabilities, for users to create the reason and mind on the consumption of the trill, and with the large-scale traffic aggregation effect, in a short time to detonate the gacheng single centralized trading, is an important way for businesses to help platform resources grow rapidly.

Besides tiktok tiktok tiktok tiktok, the voice business is also creating new IP based on the tiktok mind, crowd, merchandise and scene. The new voice of “new voice of jitter”, “shaking the clock and opening the new day” and “shaking the voice over the product” are aimed at providing new marketing choices based on the sound and the whole network for new products and new brands of the industry’s head brand and consumption trend.

Carry out flexible and diverse industry activities, according to the characteristics and scenes of different industries, fully explore the playing methods of industry activities, and make use of flow incentive, joint publicity and other activity resources to bring new business opportunities for various industry brands, businesses and vertical talents.

Top KOL head big V

The big V of the head is the propaganda place of win-win of product effect. A series of successful cases in the past have proved that the cooperation between the brand and top KOL, such as star and head talent, can help the brand realize the “double explosion” of product promotion and sales. With the help of their powerful fans’ influence and personal endorsements, stars and top talents create hot marketing events, help brands break the circle quickly, and achieve “win-win situation of product and marketing” at one stroke.

In 2021, we will launch a number of initiatives to help more top big V and brand in-depth cooperation, including signing contracts with more top big V officials, establishing official product pools, and building a more efficient official matchmaking mechanism.

In the voice of the electricity supplier, there is no hard sell tiktok good things, let the good life at hand.

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