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2021 tmall apparel IP white paper From Tmall apparel & IP No.2 factory

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Putting IP on your body has become the most fashionable way in the eyes of the new generation of young consumers. More and more brands choose to cooperate with IP side and launch joint brand series to make the brand and IP in the same frame, produce chemical reaction and create IP pop. Recently, tmall clothing and IP No.2 factory jointly released the “2021 tmall clothing IP white paper”, which provides insight into the IP industry trends and opportunities from the perspective of platform, and outlines the IP co branding track in the booming Chinese clothing market through big data.

According to the data, compared with 2019, the sales volume of IP authorized products of tmall clothing will increase by 60% in 2020, showing a strong momentum of development. At the same time, the number of merchants launching IP authorized products, the number of traded products, and the number of buyers have increased significantly. Especially from the perspective of consumption power, in the field of clothing, the purchasing power of IP product consumers is stronger than the overall purchasing power of clothing product consumers, which fully reflects everyone’s enthusiasm for IP products.

From the perspective of apparel industry, women’s IP is the most popular, which makes people fully aware of the huge marketing ability of IP. In addition, in 2020, the growth rate of IP commodity consumption in Watch glasses, household department stores and underwear industries will be equally impressive.

In terms of purchasing power, the post-90s accounted for nearly 50% of consumers. Compared with ordinary clothing, fashion crowd and “Z generation” obviously prefer IP products. “Z generation” consumers, who are mainly post-90s and post-95s, feel that cross-border brands, cultural, creative and artistic IP products are more versatile and worth buying.

So, what kind of IP is the most popular? According to the data, in terms of countries, Mickey, Snoopy, Doraemon, Hello Kitty and other classic us and Japanese IP are still dominant, but domestic IP is not outdone. B. duck and the Palace Museum are ranked second and sixth in the total list of tmall apparel IP. Among the top 10 domestic IP sales, the cultural and creative IP of the National Palace Museum, Dunhuang Research Institute and other museums account for half of the country, and the popular variety IP “youth has you” and the authorized products of trend partner also rank among them. In fact, these data outline the cultural and aesthetic life of contemporary Chinese young people.

There are significant differences between male and female consumers in the choice of IP products. The IP that girls like is often “cute”, such as B. duck, Mickey and cherry meatball. The IP that boys like most is NBA. In addition, Japanese IP such as GAODA, baokemeng and Longzhu are on the top 10 of male consumers’ IP preference list.

The preferences of post-95 and Post-00 in IP products are more coincident. It’s a little surprising that in the top 10 of the Post-00 IP preference list, the domestic classic IP gourd baby is in the list.

Why do young people rush for IP products? Is the era of big IP coming?

The continuous evolution of China’s consumption upgrading is the most important change in the current global market. China’s consumer market is becoming younger and younger, and consumer demand is changing from the material level to the spiritual level. Consumers not only seek good quality brand goods, but also pay more attention to emotional experience; they not only pay attention to the function of products, but also constantly perceive the emotional value of goods. It is obvious from the data that the new generation of consumers have become loyal supporters of IP products, and the consumption guidance of IP is becoming more and more obvious.

As an important aspect of promoting the modern cultural industry system, brand authorization has also been written into the “14th five year plan”. The plan points out that we hope to enhance the brand value and cultural value of manufacturing and service industries through the development of brand authorization. The popularity of IP products on tmall clothing platform precisely reflects this trend. Thanks to the favor of the new generation of consumers, the growth rate of China’s IP licensing market in recent years far exceeds that of the world, and the future market potential is huge. As a business model of cross-border cooperation, brand authorization has been widely recognized, “IP with goods” has become a new consumption growth point.

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