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2021 white paper on artificial intelligence application in telecom industry From AIIA

The following is the 2021 white paper on artificial intelligence application in telecom industry From AIIA recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: artificial intelligence, telecommunication industry , research report.

In order to accelerate the application and integration development of artificial intelligence technology in the telecommunications industry, under the guidance of AIIa industry university research integration and application working group, the telecommunication project team organized the Research Institute of standards and technology of China information and Communication Research Institute, China Mobile Communication Co., Ltd., China Telecom Co., Ltd., China United Network Communication Co., Ltd., and Huawei Technology Technical Co., Ltd., ZTE Co., Ltd., Intel (China) Co., Ltd. and other units jointly compiled the 2021 version of the white paper on artificial intelligence applications in the telecommunications industry.

As the infrastructure of information communication, telecommunication network has great space and potential to apply artificial intelligence technology. Operators, equipment providers and service providers at home and abroad have made a lot of arrangements in the field of telecom network intelligence. Telecom network intelligence has made important progress in standard research, technical verification and application. With the large-scale business of 5g network and the mature construction of network artificial intelligence platform, more and more network intelligent applications and services have been carried out and achieved good results.

This white paper systematically analyzes the current overall development trend and application status of telecom network intelligence, and focuses on the display of AI 19 typical landing cases of mobile communication network, fixed communication network and network business service, including fault root cause analysis, abnormal cell discovery, base station energy saving, intelligent recommendation of business content, intelligent monitoring of network quality and intelligent identification and optimization of business, etc. As the application of artificial intelligence in telecom industry accelerates to deploy and release value in the existing network, the basic ability of network intelligence will continue to enhance, network knowledge and artificial intelligence technology will be integrated to meet the demand of network intelligence application, and new technology paradigms such as federated learning, migration learning and other technologies will get more application and attention. Artificial intelligence technology will run through the operation and evolution of the end-to-end life cycle of the telecom network, realize the ubiquitous intelligence ability of the network, help the operators realize the digital transformation, and drive the intelligent upgrading of the whole telecom industry.

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