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2021 white paper on China’s food consumption trend From COFCO nutrition and Health Research Institute

The following is the 2021 white paper on China’s food consumption trend From COFCO nutrition and Health Research Institute recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Life data, User Research, research report.

01. New sensory experience

As a “necessary” feature of food products, delicious, exciting and novel sensory experience has always been the core of people’s attention. In the food field, there are continuous innovations aimed at this basic demand. When COVID-19 broke out, consumers’ consumption of food and beverage was reduced, and the demand for kitchen food and packaged food increased to consumers. Under the condition of limited resources, the expectation of sensory experience is upgraded again. Starting from the most popular sensory experiences in 2020, the white paper analyzes and interprets the “Qi” feeling in drinks, the “cold” feeling in fruit juice, the “combination” feeling in seasoning, the “light” feeling in wine drinking, and the “good” feeling in technology.

02. New balance of health

In different consumption scenarios, consumers’ demands for health will become somewhat “elusive”. Taking the balance between senses and health as an example, when “health” means a great sacrifice of sensory experience, sensory selling points often prevail; However, when the sensory experience is fully satisfied, some products with breakthroughs in health tend to become new hot directions. Especially in 2020, under the impact of COVID-19, consumers’ attention to “health” has been greatly improved. Based on the understanding of consumers’ health needs and insight into the development trend of the industry, we will take you to further where the new health balance is.

03. New forms of convenience

During the epidemic period, foods that meet consumers’ convenience demands provide consumers with more dining choices. In order to better meet consumers’ demand for convenience, various brands in the catering track are also adjusting in time. For example, catering brands began to focus on the packaging of hall food. However, as the epidemic situation has been gradually controlled and consumers have returned to the original pace of life, time-saving and fast convenience foods can still continue to meet the needs of consumers, which also explains the rapid popularity of self heating pots, substitute milkshakes and other convenience fast foods in the past two years. We show you the new forms of convenience food from four food categories with quick properties: quick frozen food, substitute food, prefabricated dishes and snacks.

04. New emotional connection

From the perspective of consumers’ emotional experience, the value of food products to consumers is no longer limited to the product itself, but has higher added value. The pursuit of consumers’ emotional experience value is often easy to be ignored. Only by better integrating the product itself with consumers’ emotional experience can we better understand consumers and new trends. We take you from an emotional point of view to have a deeper understanding of consumers’ needs.

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