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The following is the 2021 white paper on content marketing insight of online education industry From Tencent marketing insight & Ming Lue Technology recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Internet Education, research report.

At the beginning of 2020, the online education market will usher in new growth opportunities. In order to seize the market opportunities, many online education institutions continue to increase marketing efforts. Among them, the content marketing directly to the user’s mind is more and more favored by brand owners.

So, what kind of content marketing is the most effective? How can online education brands grasp the needs of users and formulate effective strategies? Recently, Tencent marketing insight (TMI) jointly launched the white paper on content marketing insight in online education industry (hereinafter referred to as “white paper”) to comprehensively interpret online education consumers’ preferences and behavior patterns in content consumption, analyze the development direction and innovative ideas of content and creativity, and help online education institutions to formulate content marketing strategies efficiently and release their business The market is strong.

With the coming of 2021, it is believed that the form of content marketing in online education industry will continue to evolve with the content consumption habits and time requirements of users. In order to help the education industry advertisers to make clear the future marketing development trend and grasp the opportunities in the industry reform. On December 2, “echo China” Tencent education annual ceremony was officially held in Beijing. Zhang Minyi, general manager of Tencent’s advertising industry sales operation, and Yu Shan, head of Tencent’s advertising education industry planning, were invited to give speeches and interpret and release the white paper.

In order to help advertisers in the industry play content marketing easily and continuously tap the growth potential with long-term thinking, Yu Shan officially released the white paper on behalf of Tencent advertising, and deeply interpreted the key contents of the white paper and shared the new “changes” in content marketing. She said, “to achieve better content marketing effect, advertisers must choose high-quality IP content To expand the efficient channel of investment and select the implantation mode which is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

Under the extremely turbulent market environment, online education industry is facing new challenges and opportunities. On this occasion, Tencent advertising, with the mission of connecting users and commerce, will give full play to its own resources and service capabilities, continuously iterate product and technical capabilities, continuously help online education advertisers upgrade marketing strategies, solve marketing problems, and inject new vitality into the development of online education industry.

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