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In recent years, new brands are emerging, and traditional brands are actively rejuvenated. With the continuous construction and improvement of “new consumer digital infrastructure”, many brands actively grasp the ecological dividend of content, skillfully deal with the classification of consumer demand, grasp the pain points of the new generation of consumers and the blank of market segmentation, and focus on product differentiation and service experience improvement In each track, it quickly tears open the gap, realizes the adverse trend in the uncertainty, and grows into a well-known phenomenon brand.

“From” phenomenal online Red “to” sustainable long red “– 2021 white paper on digital growth of cutting-edge brands takes the high growth path and digital characteristics of cutting-edge brands as the breakthrough point, analyzes the panorama and key points of each digital module in the process of developing cutting-edge brands from” phenomenal online Red “to” sustainable long red “, and interprets Bi + AI intelligent analysis and decision-making as the representative In the business closed-loop of technology, the digital growth layout and innovative application cases of new sharp brands are discussed. Based on the pattern of new consumption in the new era, the internal logic and future changes of digital ecology of new sharp brands are discussed.

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