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2021 white paper on household appliance consumption trend From Jingdong Research Institute

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Do you remember what was the first household appliance you knew? A black-and-white TV with snowflakes on, a squeaky desktop electric fan, or a semi-automatic washing machine with elution separation? After more than 40 years of development, the function and form of household appliances have changed greatly, but its role of carrying home temperature has never changed.

Recently, JD released the 2021 white paper on home appliance consumption trends (hereinafter referred to as the white paper), which analyzed and displayed the development process of the home appliance industry, and summarized five consumption trends according to the current consumption preferences and scenarios of different user circles: quality upgrading, healthy and happy life, “lazy” life, feminism and smart trendy electricity, Reveal the development direction of home appliance industry.

Quality is taste, and a new life starts immediately

With the improvement of consumers’ demand for quality life, users’ demand for household appliances is changing from functional consumption to quality consumption. According to the white paper, intelligence and humanization are the core elements concerned by high-end consumers. Simple household appliances have a better use experience and can better improve the quality of life. At the same time, design and appearance are also the focus of users. In the era of beauty first, decorating the living environment is also an effective way to relieve body and mind and improve the quality of life.

In addition, the systematization and differentiation are also being favored by consumers. According to the data of JD home appliances, the search volume of washing and drying suits in JD home appliances has reached 52 million times, and high-end products account for 50%; The high-end trend of micro steaming and baking integrated stove is more significant. In the 16 million search volume, the high-end accounts for 90%, and the demand for quality can be seen.

Enjoy health easily, and the whole people have entered the era of “health preservation”

With the gradual improvement of living standards, health topics have been highly valued. Especially after the outbreak of the epidemic, making the home environment more healthy and safe has become the choice of more and more people. Therefore, all kinds of electrical products with sterilization and anti-virus functions have entered consumers’ shopping carts. The white paper shows that 78% of users have a high acceptance of health appliances, and when purchasing household appliances, products with health functions have become an indispensable concern. In addition, among many home appliance categories, consumers have the highest awareness of healthy air conditioning. Fresh air air conditioning, which can always increase indoor oxygen and ventilation, is one of the most popular products; The second is the fresh-keeping refrigerator that can keep the food fresh and lock the nutrition, as well as the clothes dryer that can sterilize the clothes and liberate the balcony. It can be seen that in daily life, everyone’s demand for health appliances has extended to all aspects.

I’m lazy and I’m reasonable. Emancipating my hands is the last word

The acceleration of the pace of life makes everyone feel that time is more valuable. Therefore, lazy appliances continue to be popular. According to the white paper, the growth rate of “lazy” trend products in Jingdong household appliances has increased to varying degrees, such as floor washers that can solve the problem of double time and energy for traditional floor cleaning, multi-level water temperature, integrated heat purification water purifiers that are convenient for every family member to use at any time, and hand-free wall breaking machines with self-cleaning function and no hand washing, The highest growth rate can reach 1500% +, and “laziness” has become a universal demand.

Yan Meixin is happy with her high appearance, giving her a sense of life ceremony

The pursuit of quality life and the comprehensive arrival of personalized wave make consumers no longer limited to the functions of household appliances. In the era of “beauty is justice”, everyone’s purchase of household appliances follows the rule that beauty is loyal to talent. According to the white paper, beauty economy has quietly prevailed. Not only beauty appliances such as beauty instrument and hair remover that can make consumers beautiful are favored, but micro steaming and baking integrated stove with “high beauty” and “strong sense of design” has also become the first choice of more and more consumers. People and products should be good-looking in order to enjoy a delicate life.

The whole house intelligent household appliances are linked to delight the body and mind

According to the white paper, 75% of Chinese consumers agree that smart appliances will affect their lives and occupy the highest level in the world. Whether it is cleaning appliances such as sweeping robots that can realize automatic cleaning, or kitchen and bathroom appliances such as dishwashers that completely liberate both sides and save time and water, the demand for intelligence has shown an increasing trend year by year. For consumers, the realization of whole house intelligence will save time for home labor and greatly improve the overall spiritual pleasure of living. Moreover, smart home is the area where consumers most expect artificial intelligence to land. Consumption upgrading will effectively promote the long-term development of whole house intelligence.

Quality upgrading, healthy and happy life, “lazy” life, selfism and smart trendy electricity have become the mainstream trend of home appliance consumption. The shopping focus of consumers is changing from price orientation to value orientation. This consumption trend can also be seen from the sales data of Jingdong household appliances on November 11 this year. During Jingdong’s 11.11 period, the average transaction unit price of household appliances increased by 50% year-on-year. Emerging household appliances with the attributes of “trendy goods and new social networking”, “easy to enjoy health” and “home liberals” are widely loved by consumers in the new era. For example, the transaction volume of entertainment TV, which can bring users an immersive play experience, increased by more than 5 times year-on-year during November 11; The turnover of fresh air conditioners that can increase oxygen and exchange air at all times exceeded that of last year; The turnover of district washing machines that can solve the problem of bacterial cross in mixed washing of clothes increased by more than 5 times year-on-year; The turnover of the integrated cooking stove integrating steamer, oven, range hood and stove was four times that of the same period last year; The turnover of heating water purifiers with multiple water temperatures and meeting all-round water use increased by more than 6 times year-on-year. In addition, the transaction volume of the “lazy” artifact floor washer, which ended the “household anxiety” and made the house easier, increased by more than 5 times year-on-year; Washing free wall breaking machines with self-cleaning and sterilization functions account for more than 40% of the turnover of the whole wall breaking machine category. As a good helper in people’s daily life, these trendy sharp goods and emerging explosives are accelerating to create a better and happy life for consumers all over the country.

As an active promoter of industrial digital transformation, JD home appliances has been committed to making the supply side more accurately match and guide consumer demand, and building a bridge between the market, brand production side, user consumption side and the whole industrial chain with cutting-edge technology and digital intelligent supply chain. In the future, JD home appliances will continue to join hands with more brands to bring new users’ quality of life with high-quality, high-value and intelligent home appliances.

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