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2021 white paper on new measurement of automobile digital marketing From Kotler & cheti

The following is the 2021 white paper on new measurement of automobile digital marketing From Kotler & cheti recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Automobile industry, research report, network marketing.

Stock competition: in the foreseeable future, China’s passenger car market will be in a state of low growth for a period of time. Without the growth dividend brought by the new market space, the current automobile brands will face the situation of stock competition and zero sum game. Traditional car companies not only face the pressure of structural adjustment, but also face the new competition brought by the new forces of car manufacturing. With the increasing market concentration, Matthew effect is more prominent.

The entry of new forces: new variables have been added to the passenger car market, and the front line of competition has expanded from products, brands and services to data and user operations. Compared with traditional car companies, new car building forces with internet background and without the historical burden of channel providers naturally have the genes of digitalization and direct connection with users, which can better establish connection with users immersed in digital environment and reduce the communication cost with users through disintermediation.

The rise of users  : The relationship between automobile brands and users is no longer based on the simple supply and demand relationship of goods and services. Users have changed from the terminal receiving information to the communication node making sound at the same time. Increasingly mature users also put forward more diversified, more quality and more stringent demands for automobile brands. It is necessary for automobile brands to have a more comprehensive, in-depth and meticulous insight into the needs of users, and win the favor of users through refined operation strategies and differentiated product competitiveness.

In the face of massive data and the rapid evolution of marketing technology, the traditional information services have been unable to meet the current needs. Various means and methodologies about user operation emerge in endlessly, which increases the cost of communication and cooperation inside and outside the enterprise, causes knowledge anxiety, and also brings huge uncertainty, which further aggravates the marketing loss. Automobile brands are eager to seek a set of simple, unified, scientific and rigorous measures that can optimize the process. However, the traditional marketing funnel used in the past ten years, though simple and unified, is not scientific and rigorous enough, nor can it attribute the progressive user relationship, and can not achieve continuous optimization and change the results.

Through the co construction of chedi and customers and the data drilling of 1286 models, it is found that 5A is more suitable as a new measure of digital marketing in the automotive industry, and its method definition, application and practice in the automotive industry are realized around 5A. On the eve of the opening of the 2021 Shanghai auto show, chedi, China Association of automobile industry, Kotler Consulting Group and Deloitte Management Consulting Co., Ltd. gathered in Shanghai and jointly released the white paper on new measurement of automobile digital marketing. This paper analyzes how 5A can help automobile enterprises realize the refined management of brand position from the three dimensions of the definition, application and practice of 5A in the automobile industry, We should deal with the structural adjustment under the stock market.

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