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2022 auto enterprise digital marketing white paper From Roland Berger

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1. Trends and challenges of digital transformation of automobile enterprises

Under the background of stagnant development and intensified competition in the overall passenger car market, the core pain point of automobile marketing is that the continuous growth of marketing investment can not achieve the same proportion of return growth; In the process of embracing marketing reform to improve sales transformation, the implementation bottleneck of user operation end may become a major “roadblock”.

2. Auto enterprise digital marketing solution focusing on the whole life cycle of users (o-aidl)

Compared with ordinary consumer goods, automobile has the characteristics of high price, low frequency, long and difficult decision-making link, so automobile enterprises urgently need a set of customized marketing scheme. Therefore, Roland Berger and tmall put forward the digital marketing solution of o-aidl Auto Enterprises:

– accurate crowd marketing and efficient expansion of potential customers: the primary consideration is the cultivation and capture of automobile opportunity groups, that is, the identification of people with intention to buy cars; Cooperate with the accurate depiction of the eight “automobile strategic groups”, strengthen the matching efficiency between automobile brands and brand potential customers, and improve the marketing transformation

– public-private interaction, long-term operation of high-value customers: solve the problem that consumption decisions are easy to be broken through “public-private interaction”: vertically manage full contact user data, design linkage operation schemes, and promote consumers to accelerate decision-making and promote transformation at each key node.

– integration of online and offline contacts to improve the user’s car purchase experience: Car orders need to be transformed with the assistance of offline dealers. At present, it is common for online and offline links to be separated. Therefore, opening up online and offline user contacts will become the key to the success of digital marketing of automobile enterprises: we must take improving user experience as the unified goal, effectively use the user preference labels and user portraits accumulated online, and optimize the efficiency of offline undertaking.

3. Multi brand case practice tests the comprehensive strength of o-aidl scheme

Take the practice of applying o-aidl to seven major automobile brands, Volvo, Chery, Xiaopeng, SAIC Volkswagen, Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet, as an example, to test the multi-dimensional strength of the digital marketing scheme tailored for automobile enterprises, including:

– create a marketing event to help Volvo transform online potential customers

– launch target groups accurately to improve the online marketing transformation of Chery and Buick

– expand Xiaopeng’s potential customers’ assets and precipitate high-value members

– reach the target customers of SAIC series brands and promote transactions through platform marketing IP and multi-channel distribution

4. High level enlightenment to automobile enterprises and automobile ecology

In addition to digital marketing solutions, enterprises should build an armed force for digital transformation. By adjusting the internal organizational structure of the enterprise and optimizing departmental coordination, complete the construction of the internal support system, and then continuously explore and innovate the cooperation mode with upstream and downstream players to promote the concept of automotive digital transformation to radiate to the whole industry chain and consumers.

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