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2022 North American private equity operating compensation survey report From HEIDRICK

The following is the 2022 North American private equity operating compensation survey report From HEIDRICK recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Investment & Economy, research report.

This year’s survey includes a review of private equity activities in North America in 2021, our views on the main recruitment trends of operation professionals, and an in-depth discussion on the current compensation scheme of operation professionals.

Although these data are from 2021, the salary growth we observed is more significant, even exceeding these figures.

Private equity is a bumper year in 2021. GP completed 8624 transactions, totaling $1.2 trillion, more than 50% higher than the previous annual transaction value record. The transaction value of $1.2 trillion is 64% higher than the record in 2019.

Private equity exit activities in the United States broke the annual record of the number and total value of exits previously closed. In 2021, PE’s investment exit transactions involved 1731 U.S. companies, with a total value of $854.3 billion.

Financing continues to be strong. The larger the capital scale, the larger the transaction scale, but the level of dry powder capital is also very high. 2021 may be the best year to raise funds so far, and 2022 may be better. Limited partners continue to improve their private equity market allocation, which has been strengthened by the decline in public stock returns since 2022.

21% of senior executives consider themselves industry generalists; The most common professional categories are Life Sciences (17%) and industry (16%).

Generalists also dominated the breakdown of functional expertise, accounting for 22%, followed by key areas of sales (17%) and marketing (15%).

28% have served as management consultants in previous positions, and 26% have served as CEO. Only 7% of them have ever been the head of private equity operations, and 27% of them have previously been employed by their current GP or investment advisor portfolio company.

The cash compensation of companies with asset management scale of more than US $10.1 billion remained stable.

According to the company’s asset management scale, the salary is also in the medium range of $3.1 billion to $10billion.

The basic wage continues to increase, but the increment reported in 2021 is less than that in 2020.

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