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KPMG’s list of China leading fintech 50 in 2020 was released. This year’s evaluation focuses on the five dimensions of technology and data, innovation and change, popularization of financial services, recognition of capital market and Development Foresight. In line with the rapid development and trend of financial technology, the “double 50” concept is adopted for the first time to select 100 financial technology enterprises with excellent comprehensive performance, including ICBC technology, Lujin holding and CCB Finance Branch Technology, Societe Generale Digital Banking, micro public bank and other well-known institutions in the industry were included in the list. It is worth mentioning that since the first selection in 2016, Lujin Holdings has been shortlisted for five consecutive years.

At the same time with the list, the report “2020 China’s leading financial technology enterprises 50” summarizes and looks forward to the development trend of financial technology, including: improving the convenience and accessibility of financial services; multi mode innovation promotes financing “cost reduction and efficiency”; security and inclusiveness are highlighted, and the deep integration of underlying technology and business is further accelerated; asset management industry is fully digital, and “science and technology” is promoted “Technology content” continues to upgrade.

In 2020, the value of financial technology companies in helping to fight the epidemic and providing accurate financial support for small, medium and micro enterprises is prominent. At the same time, financial technology is returning to the origin, based on compliance operation and serving the real economy. Simon, managing partner of KPMG Asia Pacific Financial Industry Gleave (Li Shimin) said at the press conference that financial technology and technology are promoting the sustainable development of new financial service mode in the world. The outbreak of the epidemic has accelerated the trend of digital transformation. The demand and application of digital platform, Digital Banking, contactless payment and other financial technology related services around the world have prompted financial service enterprises to increase their investment in science and technology China has become a fertile land for the development of financial technology.

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