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5g consumer potential Report From Ericsson

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By 2030, 5g may promote the cumulative consumer income of ICT industry to reach 31 trillion US dollars.

By 2030, CSPs could generate $3.7 trillion in cumulative revenue from 5g based consumers.

By 2030, augmented reality may drive more than half of consumers to spend on Immersive media.

According to Ericsson’s latest 5g potential report, the global 5g consumer market may reach US $31 trillion by 2030. CSPs can make $3.7 trillion of that. With the emergence of new adjacent digital service opportunities, this number may further increase.

By actively bundling and marketing 5g use cases, CSP alone will generate $131 billion in digital services revenue by 2030. About 40% of these revenues are attributable to consumer spending on enhanced video, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and cloud games on 5g networks. By 2030, consumers will account for more than half of immersive media spending, mainly driven by AR, starting with games and expanding to other areas such as shopping, education and remote collaboration.

The survey also highlights the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on personal finance and financial priorities, which may affect consumers’ willingness to pay 5g subscription fees. In early 2019, ordinary consumers are willing to pay a 20% premium for 5g. In 2020, the figure has dropped to 10%. However, one third of the world’s early adopters are still willing to pay a 20% premium.

The report also predicts that by actively promoting the adoption of 5g consumers, CSP can increase average revenue per 5g user (ARPU) by 34% and compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to 2.7% by 2030.

In addition, technologies such as edge computing and network slicing will play a driving role in helping service providers obtain 5g supported consumer income, which may come from core digital services such as cloud games and augmented reality applications, or from adjacent digital services such as in car connectivity and related security features.

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