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5g empowers smart education in China From Deloitte Consulting & China Mobile

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At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution are emerging. Major scientific and technological innovation is leading new forms of social production. The development of new technologies such as Internet and artificial intelligence is constantly reshaping the form of education. Profound changes are taking place in the way of knowledge acquisition and teaching, and the relationship between teaching and learning. Facing the 5g era, how to grasp the opportunity of “new infrastructure”, 5g and cloud network integration, ensure information security, coordinate multi-party resources, innovate teaching mode, and establish regional governance platform and content resource sharing platform will become the urgent problems to be solved. Based on this, Deloitte and China Mobile jointly wrote the white paper “5g enabling China’s smart education”, expecting to join hands with ecological partners to jointly promote the construction of smart education, improve the level of education informatization, and start a new historical journey of building an educational power.

Difficulties of wisdom education in China

China’s smart education has developed from the 1.0 era of “three links and two platforms” and the 2.0 era of “three comprehensives, two highs and one university” to the policy boost of “demonstration area” + “new infrastructure”, and has changed to the people-oriented mode through layers of pilot projects. At present, China’s smart education is facing several challenges: lack of overall planning and repetitive construction of resources; weak development of “student-centered” experiential teaching such as individualized teaching and ubiquitous learning; lack of connection and sharing of teaching resources between schools and regions.

The change of the mode of wisdom education

The change of education ecology and system: from “technology interconnection” to “wisdom interconnection”;

The change of learning and teaching behavior: individuation, elicitation and customization;

The transformation of evaluation system: comprehensive quality and process oriented.

The change of the role of wisdom education

In order to realize the intelligent reform of basic education, the government, regional and other resource allocation participants can consider using diversified financing means to carry out top-level design for the transformation of intelligent education; schools, teachers and other teaching management parties can carry out pilot projects to accumulate experience, strengthen the cultivation of teachers’ information quality, and actively carry out research on intelligent education; students and families can realize individual self-confidence Active management of learning, so that the participants of smart education can effectively achieve the change of their role positioning.

According to the characteristics of lifelong education, intelligent transformation needs multi-party cooperation to realize its integrated construction: firstly, the government should formulate a rating system framework to encourage enterprises to participate in the formulation of talent standards and talent training programs; secondly, institutions such as universities and vocational colleges should establish personalized learning and growth routes centered on Students’ experience to help learners achieve self realization.

Smart education supported by 5g + Technology

The network based on 5g will become the cornerstone of smart education, and also the support and technical means to realize the intelligent connection of all things in smart campus and the deep integration of human, machine and material. 5g technology will promote the development of smart education from multiple dimensions

In the field of intelligent teaching, innovative education models such as distance interactive learning, immersive learning and personalized learning will complement high-quality educational resources and greatly improve students’ learning experience;

In the field of intelligent teaching and research, 5g technology can enable teachers to learn and manage educational affairs, so as to improve teaching quality and help schools increase efficiency and reduce burden;

In the field of intelligent education and management, the omni-directional intelligent monitoring and efficient and orderly management of massive equipment under the interconnection of all things help school operation and security management;

In the field of smart governance, education policy makers will be able to analyze and make decisions based on the data uploaded by each school in real time, so as to make forward-looking plans.

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