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5g enables future power From Deloitte Consulting

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“5g enabling future power” was jointly compiled by Deloitte and State Grid global energy Internet Research Institute. The report shows that 5g will fully enable smart power and open up three ways of value creation in the power industry, including traditional power business optimization, data-driven services and energy consumption upgrading. At the same time, the report discusses how power enterprises move from technological innovation to commercial application from four aspects of power industry development, application scenarios, main challenges and commercial landing, highlighting the 5g construction and development opportunity period.

Guo Xiaobo, leading partner of Deloitte China energy, resources and industry industry, said: “it is estimated that by 2026, 5g will bring us $1.3 trillion of digital market scale to ten major industries in the world, of which energy and public utilities account for as much as 19%, and the market scale is about US $250 billion. As the characteristics of 5g communication are highly compatible with the demand of power communication, and can fully enable the major application scenarios of smart power, the power industry will be one of the key areas of 5g vertical application. “

According to the report, countries all over the world attach great importance to 5g development, and China has a stable leading position in global 5g business. 5g can bring far-reaching social impact to the power industry and produce huge economic value. We expect that in the future, most of the power scenarios will be built on the smart grid, and energy will be generated and shared in the network anytime and anywhere like information, which will help promote clean and friendly power generation, safe and efficient power transmission and transformation, flexible and reliable power distribution, diverse and interactive power consumption and other new trends.

5g + smart grid can not only significantly reduce the average outage time of users, effectively improve the reliability of power supply and management efficiency, but also expand the application scenarios of power grid, so as to reduce cost and increase efficiency, help the power grid to transform into an integrated energy service provider, and provide better integrated power services for users. In addition, 5g + smart grid will fully support distributed new energy, distributed energy storage, electric vehicles, high-power electric intelligent machines and other new electrical appliances, and support the energy needs of families, commercial buildings, factories and other different users. At present, the global 5g industry is accelerating the development of standards and commercial deployment, laying a standard framework and platform for the rapid development of 5g + smart grid.

5g has four main application scenarios in the power industry, which are control business, acquisition business, mobile application business, and new grid business represented by multi station integration. In the control business, 5g technology will optimize the energy allocation, avoid large-scale blackout to affect the power consumption of enterprises and residents, and also meet the online monitoring application of real-time dynamic data of distribution network. In the acquisition business, 5g will promote the collection and provision of the original power consumption information of the whole system. In the mobile application business, 5g can prevent safety accidents and environmental pollution, reduce the workload of manual inspection, and carry out simple live operation in the future. In the multi station integration business, 5g technology will promote the construction of platform type and sharing type enterprises.

Dr. Hu Xinchun, President of Deloitte 5g Application Research Institute, pointed out: “in the process of innovation from 4G to 5g, the most important change is not so much from the technical level as the innovation of business model. The business model of 5g era will change from b2x model to b2b2x model, that is, the communication operators will provide a certain value-added service to the power enterprises on the 5g network constructed by them, and the power enterprises will play a central role and provide new services to the end users. We believe that power enterprises can think about the value created by 5g application from three ways, including traditional power business optimization, data-driven value creation, and energy consumption upgrading centered on user demand. With the continuous integration of 5g and the power industry, different enterprises will be able to give full play to their own resources and capabilities, and cooperate to explore feasible business models under the core value path. “

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