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5g forward 3.0 technical white paper From Huawei

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Great progress will be made in 5g construction in 2020. It is estimated that more than 600000 base stations will be deployed by the end of 2020. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 300 kinds of 5g in more than 30 industries Commercial application cases, especially in the media live, telemedicine, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent mine, intelligent port and other emerging areas, are very successful, and play a very positive role in the whole process of anti epidemic.

In principle, 5g c-ran passive color light and c-ran gray light direct drive have more fault points than d-ran architecture. Is it the same with real networking? For this reason, the typical provinces are selected to do the network analysis. The analysis method is to collect one month long alarm information from the wireless network management system, and analyze the number of single network element (single base station) alarms and the average fault processing time. Province a: 4G adopts d-ran, 5g adopts c-ran, 5g is 10 times of 4G, 5g is 2.5 times of 4G.

The semi-active 5g forward transmission scheme realizes 4-level fault operation and maintenance management mechanism. The forward transmission network fault can be quickly and remotely demarcated, and the direct location is the problem of module, tail fiber and trunk line. One time on-site repair can greatly shorten the service interruption time. Transmission and wireless professional maintenance interface is clear, which reduces multiple communication process between wireless and transmission professional, and improves operation and maintenance efficiency.

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