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5g healthcare applications From PWC

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Healthcare automation is a unique and eye-catching topic. When people explore all kinds of details, they tend to ignore the technological breakthrough, that is, the next generation wireless communication technology 5g network. Without 5g’s incomparable speed, reliability and communication quality, it is impossible to mobilize a group of robots to complete the above trivial tasks.

However, perhaps more importantly, this innovation implies that 5g network can change and perfect all important links in the healthcare industry. With the spread of the virus, the health care system around the world is under unprecedented pressure, and the significance of this topic is particularly significant at present. It has been proved that various functions of 5g technology can play an important role in many fields of health care, including telemedicine, remote surgery, transmission of large medical documents, tracking the whereabouts of patients in the hospital, using wearable real-time monitoring equipment, and continuously providing treatment information and support for patients. In short, 5g has the potential to provide a variety of basic connections, to lay the foundation for building a new health ecosystem, and to meet the needs of patients and suppliers in an accurate, efficient, convenient and economic way.

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