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5g Internet of vehicles technology and test white paper From China Mobile

The following is the 5g Internet of vehicles technology and test white paper From China Mobile recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: 5g industry, Smart car, research report.

The white paper is divided into “5g vehicle networking requirements and technology white paper” and “c-v2x vehicle networking test technical report”. Among them, “white paper on requirements and technology of 5g Internet of vehicles” sub volume combines with the development trend of Internet of vehicles, starting from the enhanced application scenarios of Internet of vehicles, introduces the “end management cloud use” system architecture of 5g Internet of vehicles, analyzes the communication technical characteristics of Uu Interface and PC5 interface of 5g Internet of vehicles, and puts forward the collaborative application of Uu Interface and PC5 interface of 5g Internet of vehicles, It will support the diversified communication requirements of time delay, rate, reliability, etc.

Based on 5g Internet of vehicles system architecture, the volume of “c-v2x Internet of vehicles test technical report” puts forward the Internet of vehicles test technical system and test method from the requirements of Internet of vehicles system test and verification. Since 2019, China Mobile and its industry partners have completed the lte-v2x “end management cloud use” test, verified the key communication capabilities of lte-v2x and the performance of business and communication in multi-user scenarios, evaluated the maturity of vehicle terminals, roadside devices, platforms and other products, and promoted the maturity of lte-v2x products. The white paper introduces the test plan of China Mobile’s 5g Internet of vehicles. In 2021, China Mobile will cooperate with industrial partners to carry out 5g Internet of vehicles test, complete the technical test of terminal, network, platform and business, and promote the maturity of the industry.

Wei Chenguang, vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, attended the launch and said that the development of Internet of vehicles technology will promote the evolution and upgrading of intelligent connected vehicles. China Mobile has been committed to promoting the development of Internet of vehicles technology and application. This time, we will join hands with partners in automobile, public security, communication and other industries to release the white paper, hoping to promote the industry to form a consensus on the development trend of 5g Internet of vehicles. China Mobile will also cooperate with the industry to jointly carry out the research and verification of 5g Internet of vehicles technology, promote the maturity of 5g Internet of vehicles industry, and promote the new development of China’s Internet of vehicles industry.

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