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5g will become an important driving force of digital industry From Huawei & China Mobile Research Institute

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With the rapid development of digital economy, the promotion of industry digitization is also accelerating. 5g has achieved the downlink capacity of up to Gigabit in the early commercial stage. Through the exploration and analysis of many industries, it is found that the requirements of enterprises for network capacity mainly lie in the uplink. Remote control and high-definition monitoring are the current typical automation scene requirements of port, steel and coal industry. In these scenes, the demand for single point video upload is generally 2 ~ 20MBps according to the different definition (1080p ~ 4K). In the case of multi-point video concurrent upload, the demand for cell uplink capacity can reach 300mbps ~ 1Gbps. Machine vision is mainly used for quality inspection of production process. The requirements for uplink bandwidth vary according to the pixel, image format, frame rate, etc. the requirements for single point uplink rate of ordinary visual AI inspection are generally 300 ~ 600 Mbps, With the improvement of detection accuracy in the future, machine vision will gradually develop from AI detection to 3D AI detection, and the requirement of single point uplink rate will reach more than 1Gbps.

At present, the industry mainly improves the uplink capability through 1d3u exclusive frame structure, Sul uplink enhancement, uplink carrier aggregation and other key technologies. And in Ningbo Zhoushan port, Shanxi wisdom mine pilot verification to achieve Gbps uplink experience. In addition, it can also flexibly combine multi band networking, cell splitting, millimeter wave and other networking solutions to further improve the uplink capacity and coverage, and provide customized solutions and network services for different customers in outdoor wide area, outdoor local area, indoor, fully closed and other scenarios, so as to meet the differentiated uplink needs of customers in different industries.

Huang Yuhong, vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, said: “5g big uplink capability is the key driving force of industry digitization. At present, it has played an important role in port, steel and coal mining industries. We expect to work with equipment manufacturers, terminal manufacturers and enterprise partners to continuously improve the big uplink capability of the network through technological innovation, application innovation and supporting equipment, So that it can quickly go into business and truly create value for the enterprise. “

Gan bin, vice president of Huawei’s wireless network product line, said: “with the rapid development of 5g industry and the promotion of business, 5g has realized the downlink Gigabit rate experience. Facing the future, we will continue to carry out technological innovation to improve 5g’s large uplink capability, and will continue to carry out research and development around the most urgent capabilities of industries such as low latency, high reliability and high-precision positioning, so as to make it bigger The market scale of mobile connection industry should be expanded to build a sustainable and healthy 5g ecosystem. “

The potential of 5g industry digitization is unlimited. It is an inevitable trend for the industry to connect from wired to wireless. 5g will normalize, industrialize and scale the fragmented wireless connection technology in the industry market through its advantages of large bandwidth, low delay and wide connection. We hope to work together with the majority of industry partners to build a prosperous and healthy 5g ecosystem.

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