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618 full cycle FMCG category Trend Report From Ipso & tmall

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After 00, began the “offensive” anti-aging?

Mask face makes “face raincoat” unexpectedly popular?

High skull top and head covering face become the new aesthetic standard?

In 618 this year, in addition to those familiar classic large items that continue to lead the trend, domestic beauty makeup, which focuses on anti-aging, sensitive repair and other effects, also achieved high-quality growth in 618 this year.

Recently, tmall FMCG and Ipsos, the world’s leading market research group, released the “big FMCG category trend report”. Ingredients anti-aging, efficacy sunscreen, sensitive repair, lasting makeup, nourishing skin with oil, preventing hair loss, and oil control fluffy have become seven new trends in beauty and skin care. These trends have produced new products on the track, which are more popular with young people and drive the rapid growth of the brand.

Trend track 1: ingredients anti-aging

Young people start “offensive” anti-aging

After 2000, he has joined the anti-aging army. This year, the search volume of tmall 618, “anti-aging” keyword soared five times compared with last year, and the number of single people after 00 was three times more than last year. Compared with the previous generation of “defensive” anti-aging, young people are more proactive in anti-aging. Through active ingredients and efficient skin care, they can achieve “offensive anti-aging”.

“Early C and late a” is a well-known way of anti-aging. Since its popularity last year, keyword search has increased by 217% year-on-year. A alcohol, peptide and Bose have also become the three anti-aging “top flow” components. “Effective collocation and doubled effect” has become a new gesture for new products to impress consumers. In terms of the demand for anti-aging, firming and anti wrinkle is still the first. The consumption scale of wrinkle reducing products has increased by 675% year-on-year in the past year, and post-2000 is the main consumer group of eye care products.

Trend track 2: efficacy sunscreen

“Hard and soft” composite function is popular this summer

When young people talk about “sun protection can prevent aging without raising children”, sun protection has become a “new just need” category.

In the hot sun of 40 degrees in many places, sunscreen clothes, sunscreen hats, sunscreen ice sleeves, sunscreen masks, and even “face Kini” have become necessary for travel. Apply both hard and soft, arm to the teeth, apply and wear dual sunscreen, and further promote the expansion of the sunscreen market. The new brand Jiaoxia embarked on the road of IPO through the transformation of “hard core sunscreen”.

Through the research on the consumption keywords of sunscreen categories, it is found that consumers not only need sunscreen, but also hope to achieve whitening, brightening, freckle removal, nourishment, repair, anti allergy, anti radiation, anti blue light at the same time of sunscreen… “Sunscreen one step more” has become a key track of brand protection.

Trend track 3: sensitive repair

The market for normalization of anti allergy demand is growing steadily

Ipsos research found that affected by multiple factors such as epidemic situation, pressure and environment, the demand for anti allergy continued to grow and gradually normalized, and sensitive repair products still remained in the high potential market.

Consumers are no longer satisfied with products with a single effect, and products with anti allergy repair and whitening, anti-aging and other effects show a significantly high growth trend. In the market, the efficacy of anti allergy repair products is gradually differentiated, whether it is a long-term stable skin tone, moisturizing, strong, tough and stable, or delicate pores repair the bottom of the muscle. High functional efficacy superimposes anti allergy repair to meet the needs of different consumers.

Trend track 4: nourishing skin with oil

Increase the sense of skin care ritual from head to toe

Under the influence of the epidemic, “mask face” caused skin care problems, and oil products took advantage of the situation. Solving skin damage and maintaining skin health have become the needs of more consumers. Oil skin care products, with its most primitive and traditional oil skin care methods, meet the current consumer demand for mild and safe products. The overall category has a “red” trend recently.

Tmall platform data showed that scalp essential oil, hair care essential oil and body care oil increased significantly in the past year, while the turnover of facial essence oil increased by more than 37 times year-on-year, and became the main force of consumption after 00.

At the same time, they are no longer satisfied with the efficacy of skin care, but began to pay attention to the ritual of skin care. Not only “nourish the skin with oil”, but also “nourish the heart with oil”. Through the five steps of oil application: steaming, spraying, pressing, applying and rubbing, the sense of skin care ritual can be comprehensively improved. Aromatherapy spray, essential oil foot soaking, essential oil bathing have also become ways for young people to reduce stress and improve sleep. As an “emotional economy”, the “smell economy” attracts more cosmetics and skin care brands.

Trend track 5: lasting makeup

Fixed makeup spray, “face raincoat” and other popular products

What are the new trends in makeup? Through tmall platform data, ipso research found that lasting color retention, improving dark skin color, brightening lying silkworm, covering tear groove, covering eye bags, color rendering, overlapping and so on have become the core demands of consumers. Under the face of the mask, not only new eye makeup products such as lying silkworm pen are popular, but the demand for lasting makeup is also further increased, so as to prevent the mask from rubbing flowers, removing makeup, sultry sweating.

In addition to full face makeup fixing, local makeup fixing products are also produced according to demand, such as eyebrow raincoats, eyelash raincoats, lipstick raincoats, etc. with long-term styling, waterproof and sweat proof, color locking and color fixing functions, they are popular with consumers. This has also allowed new brands that are responsive to new consumer needs to grow rapidly.

Trend track 6: hair growth prevention

After 00, the consumption of hair loss prevention increased significantly

Whether men or women, preventing hair loss is a major event. Ipsos’ 2022 anti hair loss shampoo research report shows that the number of hair loss in China has exceeded 250million, with an average of 1 in 6 people facing hair loss. Tmall data shows that more and more Post-00 consumers are placing orders for hair loss prevention products.

Working overtime and staying up late, crazy hair loss, the hair line moving backward at a young age, hair seams widening, hair damage and easy to break and other problems have made the shampoo with anti stripping and hair care effect popular, and the medium and high-end products are more popular.

In addition to shampoo, more consumers have begun to try products such as scalp nutrient solution and anti stripping essence. “Caring for the scalp like treating the face” is becoming a new consumption trend.

Trend track 7: oil control fluffy

Everyone is pursuing a high skull and a face

I don’t know when “high skull top” is quietly popular. Many people can’t help admiring Liu Yifei’s high skull top while chasing the drama “Meng Hua Lu”. In order to achieve the effect of high skull top and head covering face, oil control and fluffy has become a major demand for shampoo and hair care. Skin care ingredients injected into daily shampoo products, such as salicylic acid, nicotinamide, fruit acid, etc., have a strong degreasing effect, regulate the scalp environment, and achieve long-term oil control and fluffy.

In addition, the sales of emergency products that “save the flat head in one minute and easily create a high skull top” have increased significantly. For example, the bangs will immediately become fluffy with just a spray of fluffy powder; Dry hair spray is also a “deoiling artifact”, and some people lament that “twice the hair volume” after spraying; It’s really not good. I can also get a wig, “a small piece to decorate my face and hairstyle”. Consumers are not limited to daily washing and maintaining the stability of the scalp, but also hope to maintain a fluffy hairstyle from inside to outside.

At present, the overall beauty category is in a stable growth state, and the user scale of each sub category has increased, showing a certain younger trend. New customers and high-end products are the core sources of growth, among which hairdressing products have the most growth potential. Through tmall’s monitoring of the consumption trend of 618 beauty care categories this year and Ipsos’ analysis and insight into the data, we monitored the trend efficacy and growth of the whole category of beauty care and positioned the 7 major trends of 618 beauty care. Ipsos will also continue to pay attention to potential markets, provide reference information for practitioners, and help the brand continue to grow.

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