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6G driving force and vision white paper From China Mobile & NGMN

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Led by China Mobile, US Cellular and Vodafone, the white paper on 6G driving forces and vision was jointly signed by 22 members of NGMN operators, which was jointly completed by 16 international mainstream operators including bell, BT, DTT DoCoMo, orange, smart of the Philippines, Telecom Italia, TELUS of Canada and T-Mobile of the United States, The white paper discusses the key drivers of 6G, and describes the vision for 6G and future network transformation, that is, differentiated services through new experiences and increasing market opportunities. In addition, the white paper outlines the key challenges that need to be considered as we move towards 6G and highlights the importance of a healthy, unified global standard and ecosystem.

Based on the consensus that the future development of the mobile communication industry must meet the needs of the whole society, especially the needs of the telecommunications industry, the white paper first expounds the three driving forces of 6G. First, social goals: future technologies should further promote the UN’s sustainable development goals, including environmental sustainability, providing efficient medical services, reducing poverty and inequality, improving public safety and privacy, supporting population aging, and optimizing urbanization. The second is operation demand: the network planning, deployment, operation, management and performance of mobile operators need to be improved. Third, market expectation: we need to provide new services and new functions with high cost performance to meet the needs of consumers with the support of new technologies.

Based on the above three driving forces, the white paper expounds NGMN’s vision for 6G as an operator alliance. First of all, the novelty, strong performance, high resilience, credibility, security and other characteristics of 6G will further help to achieve the long-term goal of social and economic transformation and industrial automation. Based on the features introduced in 5g, edge distributed intelligence and other new capabilities, 6G will become a fully flexible system and provide new services and value. In addition, 6G will provide ubiquitous continuous service experience while considering efficiency and economy. Sustainable development, including improving energy efficiency, using green energy and green technology to achieve carbon neutrality, will also be a fundamental consideration for the development of 6G.

Finally, the white paper lists the key challenges that should be given priority in 6G research and ecosystem development, including meeting social and environmental needs, introducing new human-computer interaction interface, ensuring seamless and continuous services with low cost and energy efficiency, further promoting the forward-looking capabilities brought by 5g, and introducing artificial intelligence from the bottom design. In addition, meeting future needs through interdisciplinary research and innovation, as well as a healthy and unified global standard and ecosystem, is also an important challenge.

In the future, NGMN’s 6G project will further explore more specific content including scenarios and requirements under the leadership of China Mobile and the cooperation of global operators and industry partners, and will release a series of 6G white papers in the next few years《 The release of “white paper on 6G driving force and vision” not only plays a guiding role in the development of global future mobile network, but also further expands the international influence of China’s communication industry, and strongly reflects the unity of global operators and their determination to jointly build a global unified standard and industrial ecology.

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