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In recent years, digitization has become the most important issue in the global business environment, and this wave of digitization is inseparable from the support of emerging technologies and information infrastructure represented by blockchain technology. With the deepening of industry applications, various blockchain alliances have emerged, and blockchain applications are about to usher in an outbreak period. Among them, supply chain will be the most important application field. It is predicted that in the next five years, the commercial application proportion of blockchain in supply chain will increase from 5% to 54%. As a disruptive emerging technology, the combination of blockchain and supply chain can effectively improve the pain points faced by Chinese enterprises in the field of supply chain.

Deloitte’s China supply chain and manufacturing service team and Asia Pacific Regional blockchain technology laboratory jointly released the report “blockchain vs supply chain, a perfect match”, helping Chinese enterprises to improve their supply chain management ability and further transform and upgrade to digital supply network.

Core point

Blockchain hits supply chain pain point

The supply chain system is highly complex, which is facing challenges in promoting the development of multi-agent cooperation and multi flow integration. At present, the digital upgrading of supply chain still faces five challenges: high cost of information interaction, weak traceability of the whole chain, difficult compliance assurance, poor dynamic adaptability and low business efficiency. Blockchain essentially solves the problems of privacy and security protection, information traceability, transaction compliance, data authenticity and process processing efficiency, and directly hits the difficulties of supply chain management. It has strong applicability and application value in the supply chain scenario.

Multi supply chain application scenarios of blockchain implementation

At present, blockchain technology is mainly used in four representative scenarios in the field of supply chain: traceability and visualization: blockchain + Internet of things technology is adopted to ensure that the whole process state information of products from upstream to downstream of the supply chain is true and traceable, so as to meet the tracking needs of regulators, purchasers, upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain.

Supply chain collaboration: data real-time sharing mechanism helps enterprises master the supply (inventory) and demand (order) information of other participants in the supply chain, and based on this, timely adjust production, procurement and inventory management and decision-making, optimize supply chain management, reduce costs and control risks.

Logistics process optimization: Based on blockchain technology and electronic signature technology, realize the electronization of logistics documents, ensure the unity of document flow and information flow, promote the information sharing among logistics entities, further optimize the transaction process and improve the overall efficiency by relying on smart contract.

Supply chain finance: relying on blockchain technology to ensure reliable transaction background, penetrable credit of chain owner enterprises, and divisible creditor’s rights certificates, to solve the financing problems of small, medium and micro enterprises at the end of the supply chain.

Prospect of blockchain + supply chain

Deloitte believes that in the future, the application combination of blockchain technology and supply chain will present the following three development trends:

Trend 1: the alliance chain with relatively strong management deployment mode, more advantages in efficiency and security, and meeting the needs of multi-agent cooperation in the industry will be the mainstream direction of enterprise level blockchain application in the future.

Trend 2: isolated, blockchain will be more deeply integrated with Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing to release value.

Trend 3: when giants enter the market, there will be competition and cooperation among major industry players. Technology R & D enterprises, industry application enterprises and government departments will gradually clarify their own division of labor and positioning in the future industrial ecosystem, and promote the breakthrough of technology and application in the dynamic evolution.

Higher order path of enterprise layout

The rapid change trend of blockchain + supply chain puts forward the requirements for all participants to seize talents, technology and application highlands. Deloitte, aiming at different enterprise scales, formulates strategic thinking points for enterprises to lay out blockchain, puts forward suggestions on application path of high-level technology, and suggests enterprises to adopt small step fast and progressive planning method to apply blockchain technology in supply chain. At the same time, Deloitte proposes three types of core risks in the application of blockchain: commercialization, legal supervision and technology, and promotes blockchain + supply chain from concept to implementation.


The so-called “those who observe the situation are wise, those who follow the trend are wise, and those who control the situation are independent.”. The east wind of blockchain + supply chain has begun. Only by deeply understanding the future trend, following the trend and controlling the trend, can we be invincible in the competition. Deloitte, as a pioneer of professional services in the field of blockchain, has rich practice in blockchain. As early as 2016, Deloitte established a blockchain laboratory, and related blockchain products were POC verified and implemented in shipping, finance and many other scenarios. We are willing to work with all industry participants to jointly explore, innovate, try, practice and optimize in this blue ocean of the industry to promote blockchain It is widely used in the field of supply chain and its value realization.

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