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A survey of Chinese bankers in 2020 From PWC

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This survey mainly presents five characteristics: one is the combination of point and area. The China Banking Association is responsible for organizing a questionnaire survey for bankers. The chief economist of China Banking Association, researcher Ba Shusong, and members of the project team select representative financial institutions to conduct a key survey. Second, parallel expansion. The survey was conducted in 31 provincial administrative regions and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, covering all kinds of Chinese banking institutions, ensuring high quality and efficiency. Third, there are various forms. There are not only electronic questionnaires for bankers, but also face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews and written inquiries. Fourth, it has strong pertinence. The survey closely follows the economic development situation at home and abroad, focusing on the hot, key and difficult issues of the industry. Fifth, the content is detailed. Through eight months of orderly work, a total of 2384 valid questionnaires were collected, and a large number of real, accurate and valuable data and information were obtained.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was the year 2020, the year of 13th Five-Year, the decisive year for the completion of a well-off society, and the year of the three strategic battle against the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, the international situation is grim and complex, the downward pressure on the domestic economy is increasing, and the situation of strict financial supervision continues, which has a significant impact on the management and risk prevention of China’s banking industry. In this survey, bankers generally believed that the main macroeconomic risks in the future are the increasing uncertainty in Sino US relations and the impact of the epidemic situation at home and abroad on the economy. Building a new development pattern of “double circulation” has become the most concerned issue of bankers.

Bankers’ evaluation of macro-economic policies has been improved as a whole, and the positive role of livelihood policies has been affirmed. Bankers believe that the focus of the current monetary policy is to improve the delivery mechanism of the base money, and the implementation of the fiscal policy reform of reducing taxes and fees is the key to supporting the real economy. As for the reform of factor marketization, bankers focus on promoting the market-oriented allocation of capital factors, and take increasing the financial service supply of small and micro private enterprises as the focus of service factor marketization reform.

In 2020, credit risk is still the most concerned risk of bankers. Although nearly 60% of the bankers believe that the overall asset quality of the banking industry is still stable, 50% of the bankers are worried about the exposure risk of potential non-performing loans.

In 2020, fintech will continue to develop rapidly in China. The promotion of 5g technology, the large-scale application of big data and the pilot operation of digital currency of the people’s Bank of China all reflect the strong driving force of Finance brought by science and technology. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has swept the world, deepening the thinking of digital transformation of banks. The development of financial technology has brought broad application scenarios for the development of China’s banking industry by reducing costs and increasing user stickiness. Overall, bankers are more receptive to financial technology. In the process of developing financial technology, although there are many difficulties such as the lack of professional talents and technical support, banks continue to increase investment, broaden application scenarios, and strengthen cooperation with financial technology companies to enhance their core competitiveness.

2020 is the historical intersection period of China’s two centenary goals, and a new starting point to undertake the new development stage of the 14th Five Year Plan period and the second centenary goal. China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia is now in the stage of high quality development, but at the same time, the international environment is becoming increasingly complex. The task of domestic reform and development is still very heavy. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought about a great impact, and the opportunities and challenges coexist in the “14th Five-Year” period. Nevertheless, more than half of the bankers still have positive expectations for China’s economic growth during the “14th five year plan” period, and believe that in the future, the assets, operating income and profit scale of the banking industry will steadily increase, and the non-performing loan ratio will continue to improve.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all the bankers who have received this survey. After their busy work, they fill in questionnaires, accept interviews, selflessly offer their professional insights, keen observation and valuable experience. We hope that through reading this report, readers can have a more comprehensive and thorough understanding of the current situation and prospects of China’s banking industry, as well as the voice of Chinese bankers. At the same time, we would like to thank all sectors of the community for their wide attention and love to this report, and sincerely look forward to readers’ valuable comments and suggestions. Readers’ support and attention will be the source of our unremitting efforts.

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