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Ability to afford communication services From Ofcom Report

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Ofcom has released a new report, “the ability to afford communications services.”. In 2020, we will be more dependent on telephone and broadband services because many people have to spend more time at home. Therefore, it is essential to continue to invest in upgrading the UK network.

With the upgrading of the network, broadband and mobile customers can get better services with less money. In recent years, the average internet speed and data usage have increased significantly, while the average household expenditure on telecommunications has decreased.

However, the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic has seriously affected the economic situation of many people. So it’s more important than ever to make sure that people get the support they need and that they have affordable choices.

This year, Ofcom conducted a new study on the affordability of telecom services

Most people connect to the Internet through fixed lines at home. But for 7% of households, the only way to access the Internet is through a mobile phone or other mobile device (e.g., dongle or USB).

Nearly one fifth of households (about 4.7 million households) can not afford their telecommunication services. 6% of Britons have difficulty paying for their fixed home broadband, while 5% have difficulty paying their mobile bills.

When trying to pay for services, the most common measure taken by customers is to reduce the number of packages, and one in 10 families have already done so. Other steps include reducing spending on other items (such as food and clothing), cancelling services, missing payments, or changing their payment methods.

According to the data provided by suppliers, the proportion of late fee customers was relatively stable between January and September (2% for broadband and 3% for mobile). During the initial lock-in period, although the proportion of customers disconnected due to non payment decreased, the proportion between June and September increased, reaching the level before the pandemic.

Broadband and mobile markets provide customers with a wide range of choices and offer different transactions to meet different needs. For example, ultra high speed broadband costs less than 25 pounds a month, but people can also choose to pay more to enjoy faster services.

But people who suffer from financial difficulties may struggle with their bills. Some broadband providers, such as BT, kcom and virgin media, offer lower rates to help low-income customers. But relatively few customers choose these options.

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