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Adapt to the times – the future strategy report of brand From Nelson

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Nielsen has released a new report “adapting to the times – future strategy of brand”. CRM, digital behavior and product level purchasing are the top data sources for large companies.

According to the survey, Nielsen identified some data sources that are very important to the company. Although this is different between medium-sized (with a marketing budget of US $10 million) and large (with a marketing budget of more than US $10 million), both groups consider CRM as their most important data source, with 67% and 80% of companies using CRM as their “very important” or “extremely important” data source, respectively.

As a data source, digital behavior is the most important (80%) for large companies and the second important (58%) for medium-sized companies, while the importance of product level purchase in the two groups is similar (50% for medium-sized companies and 51% for large companies).

Other popular data sources for big companies include credit card purchases (27%), mobile locations (22%), TV viewers (22%), smart TV (22%) and audio listeners (16%).

First party data transfer

Overall, respondents from large and medium-sized companies and small companies (with a marketing budget of less than $1 million) agreed that first party data is the most important to their organization’s addressable / digital media strategy (small: 85%, medium: 86%, large: 86%). For SMEs, third-party data is the next most important data (50% and 59% respectively). Unlike large companies, second-party data (65%) is the next most important data source.

Respondents do show that first party data is not always of the best quality or completely accurate. When asked about the quality and accuracy of data, medium-sized (43%) and large-sized (41%) thought it was “very difficult” or “extremely difficult”.

Measurement and return on investment

Respondents rated the importance of various measurement / measurement capabilities to the company. Brand awareness is the most important, about 3 / 4 respondents choose, followed by full funnel media ROI, participation, multi touch / sales attributes, visibility, marketing mix modeling, etc.

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