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Advertising 2030 From Lobar

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Essenceglobal released a new report, “advertising 2030.”. Experts predict that there may be eight situations in the future, including the use of biometric data (65%), time spent in virtual environment (59%), subscription service trend (59%), personalization (56%) and micro payment (46%). Nearly 60% of the respondents believe that 2020 will accelerate the trend of consumers giving priority to environmental impact, and more than 40% believe that artificial intelligence and automation increase the possibility of job and wage loss.

There are five situations that are considered to be basically unaffected by the upheaval in 2020, but there are two events that are less likely to occur, namely, through the global privacy law (50% less likely) and the ability of large technology companies to remain intact as global consolidated entities (41% less likely).

Experts mentioned that the biggest overall change in brand / consumer interaction is the shift to digitalization. Digital communication, digital activities and digital shopping. 30% of experts believe that brand value and trust will become very important after 2020.

Brands need to be prepared for “unprecedented” and “impossible” because the next unforeseen event may change these pre-existing trends.

The following are four factors that brands should consider when formulating new economy strategy:

1. Despite the dramatic changes in 2020, the next decade will be as strong as ever. Companies without clear mandate and access to the winner’s circle will be swallowed.

2. Having or at least working with the platform is critical. If a brand does not have a customer terminal, it is recommended to build a platform or try different future scenarios.

3, novel coronavirus pneumonia models, which are increasingly dependent on historical data, are likely to expose us to more black swan events, such as new crown pneumonia. When machine learning teaches us to be more confident about what is going to happen, we must never forget to be prepared for what may happen.

4. We are entering a new and more subtle era of mass marketing in which brands will be integrated into the customer experience. Marketers need to maintain and project consistent brand value while meeting consumers’ expectations of increasingly personalized information and experience.

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